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 From the Radical Middle...

I'm sorry you stepped on my toe...


by Robert Falcione

October 14, 2005 One day several years ago, as I related a strange experience to a friend, he said, "All of the marbles roll in your direction." He was referring to the inordinate amount of quirky people who cross my path on an all too often basis. Sometimes, I am not as kind and understanding to those people as I could be. I would like to say "sorry" to a few of those people now, some whose identities I do not know.

      I am sorry you were in your truck barreling down Pond Street and were on my side of the road when you rounded the corner today. I am sorry it sent me braking into the side of the road as you fled the scene. I am sorry the resulting shot of adrenaline to my head clouded my creativity long enough to let you escape without being photographed. My bad.

     I am sorry you didn't pick up your dog mess at Lake Whitehall. I am even more sorry I found it.

     I am very sorry I took your photo while you were in the parking spot designated for Handicap in front of Town Hall. I am sorry that you stuck your middle finger up at me and I took  a photo of you doing it. I am even more sorry that I am looking at a print of it right now.

     I am sorry you have ripped off my artwork from HopNews, and put it on your website, thereby enhancing it without paying.

     I am sorry when you fixed my windshield that you tried to put in a claim with my insurance company, even though it was your responsibility to pay for it. I am sorry I called them to warn them of the possibility such an event, and they denied your phony claim. Sorry.

     I am sorry your dog was not on its leash last summer as required when it charged toward me at the State Park. I am sorry you disregarded the abundant signs. I am sorry I forgot my pepper spray.

     I am sorry you sold me a Dodge after you put stuff in the radiator to seal the blown head gasket temporarily. I am sorry the seal gave way 30 days, later sending coolant into the cylinders. I am even more sorry it took a year to win a court date and that you then took all 30 days the settlement allowed before you offered to set up a payment plan. Apparently you read the part about attaching your property on the 31st day. Sorry you read that.

     Remember when you were flying down Cedar Street at about 65 mph and I flashed my lights at you for you to slow down? You thought I was warning you that there was a speed trap ahead, when in reality, I just wanted you to slow down. Sorry.    

     Perhaps sorry is the wrong word. 


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