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St. Patrick's Day, Sunday, March 17 2013
Boiled Dinner
Green Beer
Stop by all day
229 Hayden Rowe Street

Sunday, March 17, 1PM: Milford Rail Trail walk.
Let's check out what Milford has done with their portion of the Upper Charles Trail. We'll walk the trail from the Hopkinton border to 495. On the way back, we may explore some of the side trails into Rocky Woods. Throughout the walk we'll talk about the area and Hopkinton's plans for the UCT. The walk begins at the parking lot on Cedar (Hayden Rowe) Street (Route 85), just over the town line in Milford. ~ Trails Club


   Police Incident/Arrest Log - Most Recent First  

   Updated Friday, March 15, 2013


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

1 Time the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

3 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home Checks.

1 Motor Vehicle Accident without personal injury.


Arrest Log

Thursday, March 14, 2013

2:05 am Officer John Moran arrested Katy Caldwell Nicol, 26, of Whalen Road, Hopkinton, on Main Street and charged her with OUI Liquor.


Incident Log

Thursday, March 14, 2013

6:15 pm There were multiple calls for a motor vehicle accident with unknown personal injury on Hayden Rowe Street. Two officers responded and advised that one vehicle needed a tow.

1:18 pm A caller from Nebraska Street reported damage to a door from a couple weeks ago. The caller stated that there was damage to one pane of window but no access was gained to the house.

11:13 am A resident of Davis Road spoke with Sgt. Joseph Bennett regarding fraud.

8:08 am Officer Stephen Buckley spoke with a caller from South Street regarding larceny.

1:39 am Officer John Moran stopped a motor vehicle on Main Street and subsequently arrested a 26 year old female from Hopkinton and charged her with OUI Liquor.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

4:54 pm A resident of C Street reported that a hypodermic needle was discarded on the side of his property along the roadway. Officer Peter Booth removed and disposed of the needle.

4:08 pm Three officers responded to a Main Street parking lot to take a report of a disturbance.

6:38 am A walk-in from Church Street spoke with Officer David Shane regarding credit card fraud.



Designer Falls

March 15, 2013 — The spillway under the Whitehall Gatehouse shows off a certain designed elegant symmetry as the winter's water from Lake Whitehall pours over its edge on the way to Whitehall Brook.



Anti-Casino Group Builds Steam

Above, keynote speaker Stephanie Crimmins of Foxborough, who helped lead the fight that defeated the casino proposal in that town, speaks to residents of the area who came to hear her share what she learned about casino developer tactics, the blight a casino brings with it, and strategies to fight them.


March 14, 2013 — About 125 people showed up at the Holliston Middle School Thursday night to support a casino-free Milford, as well as an organization of the same name headed by Holliston resident Ken Rockett, as a sort of prelude to their visit to the Milford Selectmen's meeting on Tuesday, March 19, 2013. Casino developer David Nunes, who has set his sights on a land parcel near Routes 16 and I-495 has brought in Foxwoods as a partner for the multi-million dollar proposed facility.  There were a few people who asked questions at Thursday's meeting who identified themselves as being from from Milford, Holliston, Hopedale and Hopkinton.

         Mr. Rockett's introduction was followed by a 35 minute presentation by Stephanie Crimmins on the negatives a casino brings into a community. Ms. Crimmins, who studied the casino industry, highlighted statistics about the rise in crime, drug addiction and gambling addiction that come with casinos. She said there are more accidents by people leaving casinos, because the casinos pump in oxygen to keep people awake, something they don't get when they leave the premises.

          Ms. Crimmins related how casino developers use a divide and conquer strategy, offering disparate groups in a community different promises.

         "Every school will get a new field," she quoted one developer as promising. They said every kid would get a new iPad, she said, and that the seniors would get wheelchair ramps they wanted. 

         "When a casino opens, it cannibalizes all of the businesses in a town, because they [casinos] are self-contained," she said.

         She said that in Foxborough, they fought the casino at the ballot box by voting in anti-casino selectmen candidates in and voting the pro-casino out by 65% - 35%. Ms. Crimmins said that the selectmen can simply refuse to entertain the application, as they did in Foxborough.

           The organizers invite people to visit http://www.CasinoFreeMilford.com/

           HopNews, in a first, has nearly the entire presentation, at least 45 or so minutes, below. The volume will need to be increased:



Two Car Accident

March 14, 2013 — This vehicle collided with the rear of an SUV, as evidenced by the nearly undamaged bumper on Hayden Rowe Street at the intersection with Teresa Road, the scene of countless accidents. Oftentimes a vehicle, especially one with soft front shocks, dips down in front when the brakes are applied quickly, causing the vehicle to slide under the one in front. In this case, the 911 caller said there was an upset occupant of one of the vehicles who might be pregnant. The SUV was pulled onto Teresa Road.



Goodbye, Friend

March 14,  2013 — Longtime Town of Hopkinton employee, Joanne Dineen, Administrative Assistant to the Town Manager, was feted at lunchtime today by dozens of town employees who joined her at dinner to wish her well on her retirement. Mrs. Dineen will be moving to a warmer climate, South Carolina, as soon as her home is sold. Employees were quick to point out to the photographer that all of the food was purchased with contributions from employees. Seated to her right is Hopkinton Town Manager Norman Khumalo.


Still Winter?

March 14, 2013 — Birds don't always fly south for the winter, especially when there is abundant food and a birdfeeder nearby.


Educators in 18 U.S. States & Two Countries Join The VHS Collaborative

Hopkinton Teacher, Marilyn Miracle, Now Instructing Students Worldwide


March 12, 2013, Maynard, MA – The Virtual High School Collaborative (VHS), the nonprofit pioneer of K-12 online learning, today announced that 64 additional educators representing 18 U.S. states and two countries, have started teaching or supporting VHS (http://www.TheVHSCollaborative.org) courses at their school. Having completed VHS’s graduate level NetCourse Instructional Methodologies (NIM) or Site Coordinator Orientation (SCO) course, these individuals have begun participating in the Spring semester, which is presently in progress.

As a nonprofit collaborative of schools, VHS’ mission is to provide students with access to high quality online learning experiences and courses not offered at their school, while supporting educators with the professional development and services they need to provide an effective 21st century education to every student. VHS member schools have access to a range of collaborative core, elective, enrichment and AP® courses that inspire, ignite and deepen learning.  The courses enable students to develop digital literacies and independent learning skills, explore college majors and careers, try interesting electives, earn credits, participate in global classrooms and get the opportunity to take advanced courses not offered at their school. Courses are taught by active classroom teachers who are specially trained in online teaching best practices, highly qualified, and certified in their subject areas.


Doug Dufresne to Teach Private Woodwind Lessons at HCA

HOPKINTON, MA (March 13, 2013) --  Talented and experienced music teacher Doug Dufresne is now teaching private woodwind classes at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts.  The lessons are for all ages (including adults) and are being held at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts (98 Hayden Rowe).   Anyone interested in starting classes should  contact the Hopkinton Center for the Arts at 508-435-9222 or visit www.hopartscenter.org


“I’m thrilled and excited to be part of the HCA,” said Dufresne.  “I’ve been interested in music since I was a young boy and love teaching students how to use their ears to become their own teachers.  My biggest reward is seeing my students succeed.”


Dufresne’s experience includes teaching private lessons, and general classroom music (grades 5 -8) for the Marlboro Public Schools.  He has a bachelor’s degree in music education from UMass Dartmouth, and has also played in the Holland America Cruise Lines private band. 


“Doug has a lot of energy and enthusiasm regarding music, and is skilled in teaching all types of students – whether they are beginners or accomplished musicians,” said Kelly Grill, executive director at HCA.  “We are very happy he has joined the HCA and look forward to not only his lessons, but also hearing him play in the orchestra at some HCA shows.”    


Raffle for Farm Share

Barbara Beale (on the right), board member of Friends of the Hopkinton Library, giving three raffle tickets to Judy Allessio, staff member at the Sr. Center, yesterday..


The Friends of the Library is donating raffle tickets for the bi-weekly organic produce share in Long Life Farm CSA to three entities in town, all of which serve nutrious meals to their clients -- the Sr. Center, Serenity House and the Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center.  The drawing of the prize, which is valued at $300, will be on March 27.


We are suggesting the raffle as "CSA for a Cause" to those who wish to support the library Friends but who have their own vegetable gardens or small households.  We hope these people will purchase tickets at the library and consider donating their prize, if they can't use the prize themselves, to one of these worthy causes.


Good Friday Service 2013 Sponsored by Hopkinton Clergy:


Please join us on Friday, March 29, 2013 beginning at noon for the joint Hopkinton Clergy sponsored Good Friday Service to be held at St. John the Evangelist Church, 20 Church Street, Hopkinton.

Laurel G. Coolbaugh
Woodville Baptist Church


New Kid on the Corner

March 13, 2013 — Catherine Marino wants to make it clear that her business name, Bungalow House Interiors, doesn't mean she only designs and decorates for bungalows.

          She looks the reporter over and invites him to sit down, as she rearranges the pillows on the loveseat to match his comfort.

          "My shop is like a bungalow," she said Wednesday afternoon. "And that is why I named it. But I decorate all types of homes."

         Catherine just opened up a new storefront at 76 Main Street, the former location of Carrie's Garden Gate Florist, who still sells her wares, but at Water Fresh Farm. The store is attached to the Century 21 office next door, in an "L" off of the east side.

          "I have been doing interior decorating for 20 years out of my home;  but it has been a dream of mine to have a little shoppe," she said.

          The single mom of a strapping 20 year-old son, Catherine said hers is a one-person store. "I am used to being the chief cook and bottle washer." 

          In order to please her parents, from high school she attended the Burdett Business School. "But its taken me this long to see  my dream come true.

          "I graduated from New York's Sheffield School of Design, which complemented my lifelong study of art.

          "I can show a client not only a traditional graph representing their room layout, but we also use Computer Aided Design.

          "Designers can create a 3-D layout of the room in the computer and import 3-D images of major elements, such as that sofa someone saw at Rotman's. We can import it from the manufacturer and place the 3-D image right into the room.

           "Find that color from Benjamin Moore and see how you like it in your virtual room with the other elements, such as window treatments, lighting fixtures, flooring, or any other component," she said.

           To see what Catherine has for you, or just to welcome her to the Downtown, stop by 76 Main Street, Suite #10 in Hopkinton or call (508) 625-1846 for your exclusive appointment. http://www.bungalowhouseinteriors.com/


Champions of the 4th grade town rec basketball league
It's a Keeper!
Reduced hours, not shuttering
for Woodville P. O.

March 13, 2013 — Woodville residents gathered at the Elmwood School early this evening to hear the results of a survey sent out to 130 users of the Woodville, 01784, Post Office boxes by representatives of the United States Postal Service.

        The Woodville Post Office has been open from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and 9:00 am to Noon on Saturdays. 

        Here is a summary of the four survey choices given to respondents:

1.) Keep office open but with reduced window hours.

2.) Discontinue window and box service and provide roadside delivery only. Purchase stamps, etc., through the carrier.

3.) Discontinue service and transfer services to an independent contractor, an established business that is open longer hours.

4.) Discontinue services and transfer them to a nearby post office.

        If you picked number 1, you are in agreement with 92% of the surveys returned, and that means hours will be reduced.

        The new hours for window service are slated to be Monday through Friday, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm. And unchanged will be Saturday 9:00 am - Noon.

        Access to PO Box will remain unchanged. 

For the Love of Dog

March 13, 2013 — Greyhound Ernie, identified as a brindle by his color, looks back at the camera at Greyhound Friends this afternoon as Brownies from Troop 75295 gathered around to greet him before their tour of the facility. The girls brought homemade treats for the dogs today, which they baked as part of their cooking badge.


Police Incident/Arrest Log - Most Recent First  

Updated Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

1 Time the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

1 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home Check.

1 Motor Vehicle Accident without personal injury.

2 Disabled Motor Vehicles.

Arrest Log

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5:43 pm Officer William Burchard took into custody on behalf of Sudbury PD, Craig D. Smetana, 43, of Old Milford Road, Brookline, NH, on South Street for Violating a Restraining Order.

Monday, March 11, 2013

9:27 pm Officer William Burchard arrested Christine L. Manjourides, 19, of East Main Street, Hopkinton, on Main Street for a Warrant.

Incident Log

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

4:42 pm The Sudbury Police Department reported a violation of a restraining order on South Street. Three officers responded and subsequently arrested a 43 year old male from Brookline, NH.

6:18 am There were two callers reporting an injured deer on Chestnut Street. Two officers checked to the Holliston town line with a negative find. The operator later called and stated that a deer hit her vehicle and caused minor damage.

3:31 am A caller from East Main Street was advised to call the police station when the dumpster was being picked up.

Monday, March 11, 2013

9:25 pm Officer William Burchard arrested a 19 year old female from Hopkinton for a Warrant, on Main Street.

7:14 pm Officer William Burchard assisted with a motor vehicle accident with personal injury on Hayden Rowe Street.


2013 Boston Marathon

Hopkinton Police Department

Public Service Advisory


            The 117th running of the Boston Marathon will take place on Monday April 15, 2013.  The roads in Hopkinton will be closing at 7:30 AM Monday morning.   The roads near the town common will be closed at 7:00 AM. Approximately 27,000 runners will be running in three different groups or Waves.  The time-line for the race is as follows:


            The Mobility Impaired will start at 9:00 AM.

            The Wheelchairs will start at 9:17 AM.

            The Handcycles will start at 9:22 AM

            The Elite Women runners will start at 9:32 AM.

            Wave 1 of the runners (9,000) will start at 10:00 AM; this will include the Elite      Men.

            Wave 2 of the runners (9,000) will start at 10:20 AM.

            Wave 3 of the runners (9,000) will start at 10:40 AM


There will be shuttle services for spectators and runners from the Hopkinton State Park on Cedar Street, which is also Route 85 and from South Street.  It is suggested that registered runners board the buses on South St. and spectators board the buses at the State Park. The shuttle buses will start at 6:00 am and run continuously until 12:00 Noon.  After the race the shuttles will run continuously returning spectators to the parking areas.  


The spectator shuttles leaving from the Hopkinton State Park will drop passengers at the corner of Cedar St, (Route 85), and A Street.  The intersection of Main Street and Cedar Street, Routes 135 and 85, is a short walk away.  Spectators can walk up Main Street to the Common area to watch the start of the race; runners going to Runner’s Village can walk up Grove Street to the school campus and look for the appropriate village.   The shuttles leaving from South Street will drop passengers off at the corner of Main Street and Pleasant Street.  From here, spectators can walk up Main Street to the Common area for the start of the race.


 Registered runners boarding the buses on South St. will be transported to Runners Village by way of Route 495 to Route 85 to the High School.


For spectators who wish to return to your vehicle after the race, please wait for the buses in the same place you were dropped off by the bus. Runners will be transported back to Hopkinton from Boston post-race.


There will be no on street parking allowed in or near the center of town on Marathon Monday.  Numerous roads in Hopkinton will be posted No Parking.  Parking is allowed only in designated parking lots on South Street and at Hopkinton State Park.  Parking is not allowed on South Street or Cedar Street.  All violators will be ticketed and towed.  Parking on school property is prohibited unless authorized. There will be no exceptions.  

Click here for directions and road closings


Keefe Tech Culinary Arts Wins Award

Keefe Tech Culinary Arts students with State Senator Karen Spilka at the third annual “Taste of MetroWest” at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference Center on Tuesday, March 12. From left, Becky Schneider of Ashland, Shy'Kema Haskins of Framingham, Kevin Davila of Framingham, Senator Karen Spilka, Derick Valovcin of Holliston, and Karla Cassemiro of Framingham.

March 13, 2013 — FRAMINGHAM, MA – Keefe Regional Technical School Culinary Arts students gave locals a sample of their cooking skills and took home an award at the third annual “Taste of MetroWest” at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference Center on Tuesday, March 12.

Keefe Tech won the “Health for Life” award with their appetizer, Panzanella, a Tuscan salad of roasted bread with assorted tomatoes, vegetables, olives, capers, and fresh basil tossed lightly with a balsamic dressing served on an endive leaf. The “Health for Life” award was presented by MetroWest Medical Center, located in Framingham.


Milford PD Safety and Security Training


(Milford, MA.)  The Milford Police in concert with the Milford Schools will be conducting training on Friday March 15, 2013 between the hours of 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm for a Safety and Security Training Program at Milford High School involving over 450 people.


The exercises will include simulated incidents in the school and are NOT REAL and part of the training.  Members of the public should not attempt to enter the training area.

Wind beneath My Wings

March 13, 2013 — This red-tailed hawk over Weston Nurseries a few days ago displays beautiful hieroglyphic-like markings, the type of which may have been inspirational to  ancient man in search of means of expression.


Gone, But Not Forgotten

March 13, 2013 — These statues show resilience at the flagpole in front of Hopkinton Senior Center during the most recent storm. The snow is gone, but they still stand at the ready to serve in all capacities.
Cut-a-thon to Benefit Project Just Because
Sunday, April 7, 2013, 9:00 am - 1:00pm
Behind 76 Main Street at 1 Claflin Common
Haircuts (only) $15, Mini-manicure $10

Hopkinton Police vs Special Olympics

Saturday, March 16, 2013, Noon

Hopkinton Middle School Gym

Let's see if the Hopkinton Police can break their losing streak against the Special Olympians at the Middle School this Saturday. After their defeat last year, which they attributed to one player just having had surgery, and a lack of practice, the police teammates vowed to practice hard in the intervening year to do their best to win their first game. Don't miss the fun and entertainment.


B.A.A. Financial Commitment to Boston Marathon® Host Communities,
providing $2.7 Million from 2013-‘15


Three-Year, Increased Contribution to Marathon’s Eight Cities and Towns and Commonwealth Recognizes Support


BOSTON – The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) today announced its renewed financial commitment to the eight host cities and towns of the historic Boston Marathon® course. The B.A.A. has pledged its financial support over a three-year term from 2013 through 2015, with contributions increasing annually.


The total contribution in 2013 of $858,000 reflects an increase from last year of nearly seven percent. Over the next three years, the B.A.A. will make a $2.7 million contribution to the eight cities and towns and the Commonwealth. The B.A.A.’s financial support of the host communities of the Boston Marathon reflects its appreciation for successful cooperation with the Marathon communities in hosting the world’s most prestigious marathon.

Through the strong support of John Hancock Financial Services, principal sponsor of the Boston Marathon since 1986, the B.A.A. has made financial contributions to the marathon’s host communities.  The financial commitment continues in recognition of the expenses for logistical, operational and administrative course support provided for the towns of Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, and Brookline, the cities ofNewton and Boston, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This year (2013) marks the 28th consecutive year of John Hancock Financial’s landmark principal sponsorship of the Boston Marathon.


“We are appreciative of the enthusiastic support that we receive from the host communities along the Boston Marathon course, and we are pleased to make this three-year financial commitment,” said Tom Grilk (HopNews file photo), B.A.A. Executive Director. “Through careful planning, and with the cooperation of these communities and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we are able to showcase the world’s oldest annual marathon with great pride. With the gracious support of the Boston Marathon's principal sponsor John Hancock Financial Services, we'll continue to support the Marathon communities. It also remains our hope that some funds from our donation be directed towards youth and community programs whenever and wherever possible.”  


The distribution takes into account the location of each city or town along the course, the impact of the Marathon in the community, and the planning associated with the race.  The Boston Marathon is a 26.2-mile, point-to-point course which begins in Hopkinton adjacent to the Town Common and finishes on Boylston Street in front of the Boston Public Library near Copley Square in Back Bay.


Last year, the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau estimated the economic impact of Boston Marathon® weekend at approximately $137 million.  In addition, dozens of local charitable organizations benefit through their own fund raising efforts at the Boston Marathon each year with entry made possible by the Boston Athletic Association and John Hancock Financial.  More than $18 million is estimated to be raised in 2013.


As an example of the cooperation received for the Boston Marathon, last year residents and representatives from the eight cities and towns along with the Commonwealth added significant resources in a variety of forms to benefit runners who were participating under unseasonably warm weather conditions.


The B.A.A. recognizes the host communities in other ways throughout the year, including an allocation of entries into the Boston Marathon which may be used for fund raising and the B.A.A. Invitational Mile/Middle School 1000 meter races held the day before the Boston Marathon. The B.A.A. Mile/Middle School 1000 meters features youths exclusively from the eight cities and towns of the Boston Marathon course and is held on Boston Marathon weekend. The one-mile race offers these high school runners a chance to compete on the same course was world class athletes. ~ Press release


Thoracic Surgery Program Expands at Milford Regional

Thoracic surgery services expand at Milford Regional Medical Center (Milford Regional) with the recent appointment of Brigham and Women’s thoracic surgeons Drs. Marcelo DaSilva (left) and Abraham Lebenthal to Milford Regional’s active medical staff. They join thoracic surgeon Dr. Ciaran McNamee, who is also on the active medical staff at both Milford Regional and Brigham and Women’s. The physicians see patients at The Cancer Center at Milford Regional.

Marcelo DaSilva, MD, graduated with a degree in medicine from Universidade Gama Filho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1990. He completed a residency in general surgery at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, Hershey, PA and a fellowship in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery at Loyola University Medical Center Stritch School of Medicine, Chicago, IL. He is board certified in surgery, critical care and thoracic surgery. In addition to performing thoracic surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dr. DaSilva is an instructor in thoracic surgery at Harvard Medical School. He speaks Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Abraham Lebenthal, MD, MHA, earned his medical degree from Hebrew University Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel in 1993. He performed a residency in
general surgery at Hebrew University Medical School and Mt. Sinai Medical School, New York, NY. Dr. Lebenthal continued his training with fellowships in cardiac and thoracic surgery at the Veterans Administration Hospital in West Roxbury and Harvard Medical School, and minimally invasive general thoracic surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Lebenthal is a thoracic surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, an instructor at Harvard Medical School, and the director of minimally invasive thoracic surgery at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in West Roxbury, MA. Dr. Lebenthal is board certified in surgery and thoracic surgery and speaks Hebrew, Spanish and Arabic.


“We are very pleased to welcome Drs. DaSilva and Lebenthal to our medical staff,” states Edward J. Kelly, president, Milford Regional. “We are excited to offer expanded thoracic services to our community with the addition of these highly trained and experienced thoracic surgeons.”
An appointment may be scheduled with Dr. DaSilva or Dr. Lebenthal by calling The Cancer Center at Milford Regional at 508-634-0345.


Hopkinton High School’s Drama Director to Stage On Golden Pond

Production Dates: May 3-5 and 9-12, 2013

Directed by Valerie von Rosenvinge.

Performances will be at the Arsenal Center for the Arts, Black Box Theatre.

321 Arsenal Street in Watertown, Massachusetts.

For ticket information:www.wellesleyplayers.org.


The Wellesley Players, MetroWest’s preeminent community theater, are proud that award-winning actress and director Valerie von Rosenvinge is at the helm of the Players’ final show of the 2012-2013 season, On Golden Pond. Von Rosenvinge, the acting teacher at Hopkinton High School, will direct the Pulitzer Prize winning play at the Arsenal Center for the Arts’ Black Box theater, running May 3-12.


I discovered theatre in my early thirties when a friend introduced me to the Wellesley Players, and I felt as though I had found a home, not only because of the productions, but the people involved in the group. Many of them are still counted among my closest friends,” von Rosenvinge said. “Since then, I have acted in plays, written plays, directed plays and served on the board in many capacities. In May 2002, I received my Master Degree in Theatre Education from Emerson College and began teaching acting, speech, and English at Hopkinton High School the following fall.”


Valerie is a multi-talented artist, having written several original plays and working with her own high school students to create a play which she then adapted for the stage. A popular teacher at the high school, Valerie derives the most satisfaction from watching her students perform.


Valerie lives in Needham and works in a variety of capacities for the Wellesley Players when she is not busy producing three shows a year for the high school. She is a recipient of a Best Actress Award from the Eastern Mass Association of Community Theatres and her play, The Quarterly, has been performed to critical acclaim on several college campuses across the United States.


On Golden Pond is a 1979 play by Ernest Thompson. The plot focuses on aging couple Ethel and Norman Thayer, who spend each summer at their home on a lake called Golden Pond. During the year in which the story takes place, they are visited by daughter Chelsea with her fiancé and his son in tow. The play explores the often-turbulent relationship the young woman shared with her father growing up, and the difficulties faced by a couple in the twilight years of a long marriage.


At the Hopkinton High School Athletic Center
Also Sponsored by Friends of Hopkinton Anniversary Celebrations, Inc