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Back in Time

January 5, 2015 — Tons of iron and steel laid the foundation for this photo of a  train out of North Conway, NH chartered by the Mass Bay Railroad Enthusiasts and owned by the Conway Scenic Railway.

           Old Steam Engine 7470 pulled us through the snow in Northern New Hampshire! ~ John Collins

Health and Fitness

Elementary School Building Committee Narrows Choices to 4 Sites with 11 Options

Will hold a Community Forum

9:00 am January  24, 2015

Middle School Library



According to correspondence from the ESBC Chairman, Joe Markey, the Elementary School Building Committee is looking at four sites: 

1. Town owned property at Center school, with and without possible augmentation from abutting 25 Ash St

2. Town owned property at Elmwood school, next to existing 2nd and 3d grade school

3. Irvine property, 20+ acres just south of EMC park on Hayden Rowe 

4. Todaro property, another 20+ acres on Hayden Rowe, just south of Irvine and abutting Water fresh farm.

An exhibit at the Hopkinton Public Library shows 11 potential locations at those 4 sites, and the ESBC is holding a community forum January 24th at 9:00 a.m. at the Middle School to get community input.


View the conceptual drawings of all of the options here

Personal Services 

Statement by Mass State Police Col. Alben


The outpouring of support we’ve seen the last two weekends for Detectives Liu and Ramos comes as no surprise. From our department’s interactions with the public on social media, we know that many people who follow us closely are grateful every day for the work that police officers undertake for their safety.  But it seems for many others it takes a tragedy like the heinous assassinations of these officers to remember the dangers police face every day, every shift, every radio call for service. Long after the cameras are gone and the headlines shift to another topic, I hope this country continues to remember the shining examples set by Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos and others like them who paid the full measure of sacrifice to protect others and the duty done by every state trooper and police officer who continue to answer the call – every day. Let it not take another police funeral for this nation to champion the cause of brave men and women who protect our families and our communities.

Colonel Timothy P. Alben, Superintendent
Massachusetts State Police

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Colors of Spring

January 4, 2015 — These boats at Hopkinton State Park eagerly await the next season, when the colors of Spring will compete with theirs. The colors in the photo above have been  saturated electronically for richer color, as photographers did with filters and chemicals in the darkroom prior to digital imaging.


No Stone Unturned

January 4, 2015 — At first glance, it appears someone may have violated the sign on the pole, but these officers were waiting for a trooper with a canine to arrive, and inspected the vehicle while they waited. The driver was keeping warm in a cruiser as police looked over his car, which appears to be a Ford Crown Victoria, the first choice for years of not only police departments, but drug runners and police impersonators as well. Three State Police cruisers and three Hopkinton Police cruisers were on scene.

Great Cat Looking for a Good Home

January 4, 2015 — Alina,  a stray cat so-named by the good people at BayPath Humane society, belongs in a one-cat household, says BayPath manager Liz Jefferis. The cat is very friendly and affectionate, but strayed from her home. She is spayed, has her shots and is in good health, says Ms. Jefferis. The 5-7 year-old may be adopted by calling 508-435-6938 and passing muster with the fussy BayPath staff. BayPath was the subject of CBS-4 Boston this morning. See the video below:



Didn't Get the Memo


Selectmen to Discuss Land Purchases, Leases at Tuesday's Meeting
(Mouse-over image for change of hue)

January 3, 2015 — BayPath Humane Society, 203 Pond Street and the Pratt Farm (above) are on the Selectmen's executive session agenda for Tuesday night.
On Tuesday, the Selectmen will be informing the public about the Elementary School Building Committee's public workshop on January 24, 2015, where they will discuss four locations and several options for those locations as a replacement/expansion for Center School as it currently exists.

Health and Fitness
Medfield 59, Hopkinton 58

January 2, 2015 — Julia Canestrai keeps her eyes on the prize Friday afternoon at home against Medfield. HopNews photo by Christine Snow.
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Governor Patrick Welcomes Public to Open House Celebration at State House
Evening's events to also include unveiling of Governor's official portrait

BOSTON – Friday, January 2nd, 2015 – Governor Deval Patrick’s political committee today announced that he will host a celebratory open house reception at the State House this Sunday as his term comes to a close. The event is free and open to the public but tickets are required. It will be an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the past 8 years of the Patrick Administration. 
The evening’s open house will also include the unveiling of the Governor’s official portrait, that was painted by renowned artist Simmie Knox. The portrait will join those of other recent Governors in the entryway to the Governor’s office. 
The General Hooker entrance at the State House will open at 4:00PM, and the portrait will be unveiled during the event, which will begin at 5:00PM at the bottom of the Grand Staircase. This event is open to the press. 

WHAT: Governor Patrick welcomes public for open house celebration and portrait unveiling

WHERE: State House, Boston

WHEN: Sunday, January 4th, 2015 - General Hooker Entrance Opens to the Public at 4:00PM

Event runs from 5:00-7:00PM at bottom of the Grand Staircase.

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Coming Very Soon!
Skating is allowed, but hockey pucks and sticks, as well as ice fishing, are banned.

January 2, 2015 — New Outdoor Rink will be OPEN for skating on Tuesday, January 6th, if the weather forecast stays the same. Please check HopNews as well as Hopkinton Parks and Rec Facebook page. The rink has been constructed on top of the basketball courts in front of the Middle School.


Hopkinton Police Press Release Regarding State Park Incident

January 2, 2014 — On Friday January 2, 2015 at approximately 3:34 pm, the Hopkinton Police, as a result of a 911 call from a party walking their dog, responded to a report of a possible gunshot victim in the Hopkinton State Park. Upon arrival Officers found a male party suffering from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. The subject, age 55, was administered first aid by the Officers as well as the Hopkinton Fire Department Paramedics. The male party was transported to UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester. The original caller had no connections to the victim.

Detectives from Hopkinton, Ashland and the Massachusetts State Police are investigating the incident. The subject's name is being withheld.



NOTE: Below, Hopkinton Police Sgt. John Porter leads the  hurried group assisting the injured patient to the ambulance. HopNews photo.

Open Water

January 2, 2015 —These Canada geese,  mute swans and mallard ducks found some open water on Lake Maspenock to bathe, primp and preen in today's frigid air.


Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

January 2, 2014 — According to an individual walking a dog that began acting cautiously on a trail, it was because they would come upon a man with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the heart. The dog, she said, was reacting to the overwhelming scent of blood.
         She called out to a man walking nearby to use his cellphone — both are Hopkinton residents who use the resources of the park  — and he called police who dispatched cruisers at 3:36 pm and informed the Hopkinton Fire Department, who dispatched emergency personnel immediately..
         He told a reporter that the man, who was alive, had a gunshot wound to the heart and was covered in blood.
         Hopkinton emergency personnel, police and fire, were first on the scene, followed by Ashland Police and State Police.

         Above, police assist fire department personnel, who stabilized their patient and left for UMass Worcester trauma center at 3:53 pm. They arrived at 4:16 pm. 

        The incident occurred west of the boat rental in an area that is often confusing to jurisdictions — most of Hopkinton State Park is actually in Ashland — but the Town of Hopkinton website features among its offerings property lookups, with a shift to Google. And this area, according to a Google overhead with town line included as shown below (North to South), is undoubtedly in Hopkinton. The blue X in the clearing on the Hopkinton side of the line marks the area where the incident occurred.

         The investigation continues,  but authorities are not saying whether or not it was accidental. Facebook and Twitter followers received alerts.


Health and Fitness
State Police Arrest Conn. Man After Violent Struggle on Route 495N in Milford

January 1, 2015 — At 11:17 a.m. today, Trooper Christopher Keyes, assigned to the State Police Barracks in Millbury, responded to calls for a two-car crash on Route 495 northbound in Milford. When Trooper Keyes arrived at the scene of the crash he located a male subject attempting to stop vehicles and enter them, in what appeared to be an attempt to flee the scene of a crash. Trooper Keyes attempted to first get the man out of the roadway, but when the man failed to comply with his instructions he attempted to arrest the man.


A violent struggle ensued as Trooper Keyes attempted to place the man, later identified as CHRISTOPHER DUNBAR, a 24-year-old from Manchester Connecticut, under arrest. Once Trooper Keyes was able to handcuff Mr. DUNBAR he placed him in the rear of his State Police cruiser. DUNBAR proceeded to kick the rear window of the cruiser out, and during the course of another struggle, kicked Trooper Keyes.


Trooper Keyes investigation indicates that DUNBAR struck a pickup truck from behind and then fled into the woods before reemerging and making attempts to force his way into vehicles slowing for the crash. No injuries were reported by the driver of the vehicle that was struck. DUNBAR was transported to the State Police Barracks in Millbury where he was booked.


DUNBAR was charged with the following: Operating Under the Influence of Drugs, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon – Shod Foot, Carjacking, Malicious Destruction of Property Over $250, Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident, Disorderly Conduct, and Following Too Close. There was also a warrant for his arrest. MSP Press Release


First Night in Boston

January 1, 2015 — First Night on Frog Pond in Boston Common performed by The Skating Club of Boston, photographed by Hopkinton resident John Collins.

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Double Fatal Crash on Pike in Westborough

January 1, 2015 — At 3:17 a.m., troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Weston responded to calls for a two-vehicle crash on Route 90 eastbound in Westborough.

The initial investigation by Trooper Jonathan Bray indicates that a 2002 Honda Accord with five occupants had a flat tire and the operator continued to drive with the flat. The second vehicle, a 2011 Dodge Ram pickup truck towing a boat trailer, for reasons still under investigation, clipped the slow moving Honda and rolled onto the Honda.

Two of the passengers in the Honda were killed in the crash. Two other passengers suffered serious injuries and were transported to UMASS Medical Center in Worcester. The driver of the Honda suffered only minor injuries.

The driver of the Dodge was treated by EMTs and released at the scene of the crash. The crash remains under investigation by Troop E of the Massachusetts State Police with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section and the State Police Crime Scene Services Section.

No further information, including identities of the deceased, is being released at this time. More information will be released upon completion of the initial crash investigation and notifications to family members.

The State Police also assisted local departments in investigating fatal crashes in the towns of Rockland and Chatham overnight. Troopers assigned to the Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section responded to both crashes.

Personal Services 

Sticks and Stones and Numbers


by Robert Falcione

January 1, 2015 — A woman was recently arrested in Haverhill, Mass for writing "666" in 15 places on the outside of a Christian church. Why not "555" or "444"?   


In the New Testament of the Bible, the number 666 is noted as "the mark of the beast," presumably Satan. And so writing the number and associating it with something is considered to be a huge negative; it ranges from insulting, all the way to evil, depending on the individual doing the considering. But among Christians, it is never, ever a positive thing.

Even before the event in Haverhill, an experience from a few years ago came to mind as I wrote the other day about the Seth Rogan movie featuring a farcical assassination plot against the leader of North Korea. There was nowhere to squeeze the experience in, while I wrote that coming out with a movie like that on Christmas Day was rude and anti-Christian. But now, the Haverhill event makes it easier to lead into the discussion.

I will admit that calling the release date "anti-Christian" may have been going too far. Tasteless, inconsiderate and rude certainly apply to enticing an audience that is celebrating Christianity's most solemn holiday with a violation of its most basic precepts. It is like the apple story all over again. Sheesh, once is enough!  And for those who take symbolism further and apply an act like the Haverhill one to maliciousness that embodies some sort of negative spiritual power, the number is indeed forceful. I came across the number professionally a few years ago.

Photography labs are those businesses who print photographic prints, from a mini-lab at a CVS to a high-quality professional lab like the ones we use. They have other services, too, like printing holiday cards. And so we used to receive — that part of the business has waned — a sheet with all kinds of icons to imprint on the holiday card with your family portrait accompanied by a greeting. Remember them? People would choose "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays," "Happy New Year," and so on, up to 100 different greetings to choose from accompanied by an appropriate graphic; holly, garland, a tree, menorah, etc. Each one on the reference sheet had a number under it to include on the order form, so the lab would know which greeting and icon should accompany the "Slimline" card we were ordering for our clients. Guess what the number was for "Baby's First Christmas" that would accompany a photo of the baby? You guessed it! The card signifying the birth of Jesus Christ was accompanied by the number of His evil opposite. It was a rude, ignorant, contemptible and intentional affront to the Christian clients of the lab by someone who valued a private joke among like thinkers to the sensibilities of the people who paid his salary.

When I protested to the lab, the manager claimed it was chosen randomly, and had nothing to do with any anti-Christian sentiment. I was further offended that the guy thought I was stupid enough to swallow his excuse, especially given that the number was not in any sequence. He immediately became my number one suspect.

I still do business with that lab, but the manager apparently works elsewhere, or he is no longer allowed near the phones; or the numbers. His contempt for what millions believe nullified the respect I had for him professionally. You reap what you sow.

As for the woman in Haverhill who damaged the property of others; let's hope she gets the help she deserves. She is allowed to have numbers in her head, to talk about them, to talk to them, and even to ascribe power to them; but she is not allowed to paint the numbers on my stuff or on your stuff.


2015! Now, that's a number we can all live with.

Happy New Year!


File graphic pen and ink by Ashley Jackson. This opinion was originally published on Quality Conversations.


State Police Respond to TT Rollover on the Mass Pike in Charlton

December 31, 2014 — Just after 2:00 p.m. today, State Police from the Charlton Barracks responded to a crash involving a tractor-trailer rollover on Route 90 in Charlton near the Auburn town line. Information collected in the investigation by Trooper Ronald Ramos indicates that 43-year-old Lee Finkley of Fayetteville, North Carolina was traveling on Route 90 westbound in a 2014 Freightliner tractor-trailer when he lost control of the vehicle, causing it to rollover the median guardrail. The tractor came to rest in the left travel lane of the westbound side, while the trailer came to rest on the eastbound side, blocking the two left travel lanes. As a result of the crash, one of the saddle tanks ruptured on the tractor, leaking approximately 100 gallons of diesel fuel on the ground.

Finkley was transported to UMass Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries. The cause of this crash remains under investigation with assistance from the State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section. Also assisting on scene were Charlton Fire and Rescue, Mass DOT, and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.


Ringing in Another New Year

December 31, 2014 — Hopkinton native, HHS graduate, and lifelong resident Helen Cady claps along to the music with her friends and fellow residents at Golden Pond Assisted Living's New Year's Eve party on Wednesday.  If you see Helen on April 8, 2015, wish her a happy 95th.

HopNews 2014 in Pictures Part IV
Health and Fitness
HopNews 2014 in Pictures Part III


Saturdays at Fay - Open to the Public
Stacey Peasley Concert and Sing-along January 10, 2015


Saturdays at Fay is a series of free Saturday morning programs designed for children ages 2-8 along with their parents. This month’s program will feature Stacey Peasley, a children's musician. Stacey will perform songs from her newest album, Lucky Day, and children are invited to sing and dance along. This is a lively and upbeat show with music ranging from pop and rock to childhood favorites.


Space is limited so please register online at www.fayschool.org/saturdays.

Saturday, January 10, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.
Fay's Primary School, 25 Middle Road in Southborough

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Education Foundation
Parent Teachers Association
300th Anniversary Committee

Honoring HHS Alumni

HHS Top of the Hill: Nominate Your Favorite


December 29, 2014 — Hopkinton native Josh Hanna, a Hopkinton High School graduate who is now an Assistant Principal at that very school, would like to honor other HHS grads who have achieved notable accomplishments.  He is leading the endeavor with the support of the Hopkinton Education Foundation, the HPTA, and the 300th Anniversary Committee. The criteria for nominations is:

     • Graduated from the High School 10 or more years ago.

     • Demonstrated a high level of achievement, made significant contributions to work, home, community, and volunteer efforts.

      • Exhibited leadership, character and service.

      Please visit the website to nominate your selection for this special honor. 

      Nominate your HHS Grad here before April 30, 2015.

Personal Services 
Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton and Surrounding Towns

Compiled for HopNews.com © 2014 All Rights Reserved
New Transactions from December 22, 2014 - December 29, 2014
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
9 Rosewood Lane unit 11A Rahul Shukla, Swati Tiwari $272,000 Dec. 29, 2014 Amogh Kavimandan, Kanshan Kavimandan
14 Grandview Drive unit 3 Binh N. Nguyen, Quynh Chi T. Ho $662,670 Dec. 29, 2014 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
14 Ryegrass Circle unit 106 Jignesh Rajgor, Meghavi Rajgor $630,765 Dec. 24, 2014 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
Cold Spring Brook Road GQGC LLC $81,000 Dec. 23, 2014 Arthur Lippman, Daryl G. Lippman,
Cold Spring Brook Realty Trust
16 Autumn Ridge Drive unit 23 Laxminarayan Hegde, Vasanti Hegde $745,970 Dec. 23, 2014 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
75 Leland Farm Road unit B Susanne M. Murray, Bradford T. Murray $224,900 Dec. 29, 2014 Anne Toffey
201 Algonquin Trail unit 98C Chetak Patel, Vihari Patel $300,500 Dec. 24, 2014 Anurag Singhal, Divya Singhal
30 Adams Road Travis J. Searle, Elisa S. Searle $330,000 Dec. 23, 2014 Jason Cooper, Julianne Cooper
23 Half Crown Circle unit D Patrick Flanagan $295,000 Dec. 23, 2014 Mary-Ellen Generazio, Thomas A. Generazio,
Thomas A. Generazio Revocable Trust
190 Cordaville Road Brian K. Wales, Andrea I. Reine-Wales $287,500 Dec. 22, 2014 Bret N. Spinazzola
281 America Boulevard unit A Lynn A. Royal $180,000 Dec. 22, 2014 Steven H. Greenberg, Town of Ashland
Affordable Housing Trust
10 Richard Road Matthew C. Sullivan $281,900 Dec. 29, 2014 Marie A. Quinn
28 Framingham Road Brett M. Sarno, Benita M. Sarno $380,000 Dec. 23, 2014 Quality Crafted Residences LLC
20 Newton Street Kenneth C. Curtis, Katherine A. Curtis $357,500 Dec. 23, 2014 Joan S. Levenson
No New Transactions        

Police Arrest/Incident Log Updated December 29, 2014

Emergency, dial 911 • Non-emergency, PD dial 508-497-3401, FD dial 508-497-2323


The Hopkinton Police were involved in the following incidents, which are not included in the detail report below.

4 Times the Police assisted the Fire Department, another department, town, or outside Police agency.

11 Motor Vehicle/Person/Home Checks.

1 Motor Vehicle Accident without personal injury.

1 Time the Police assisted with an Animal Call.

Incident Log

Saturday, December 27, 2014

4:40 pm A walk-in reported a possible water main break on Maple Street. Officer John Corridan checked the area and advised that a catch basin was filling up with water. The Water Department was notified.

4:09 pm A caller from Frankland Road reported that dirt bikes were driving across his posted property. Officer John Corridan checked the area with a negative find on any dirt bikes.

3:32 pm An Ash Street resident reported that someone threw an egg at his house.

11:36 am A 911 caller reported an accident on Route 495 where debris had fallen off of the overpass and into the roadway. Officer Philip Powers responded to assist the State Police.

Friday, December 26, 2014

5:03 pm A caller from Main Street reported losing her velvet bag and cloth case.

3:42 pm A 911 caller reported an erratic elderly operator on Fruit Street. Two officers checked the area but could not locate the vehicle.

2:22 pm A caller reported possible vandalism to school property on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Stephen Buckley responded and stated that it was a possible attempted breaking and entering but no access was gained.

2:20 pm The Fire Department reported that a man was running in fire fighter turnout gear on Main Street. Officer Stephen Buckley spoke with the individual and advised that all was okay.

12:27 pm A resident of Oakhurst Road reported that a vehicle hit her trees and damaged them. Officer David Shane responded to write a report.

1:24 am The State Police requested assistance with a pursuit on Route 495 to Route 290. Officer Peter Booth was canceled while in route as the suspect was apprehended at the Mass Pike/290 interchange.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

9:05 pm A 911 caller from Sylvan Way reported that a door to their home appeared to be open and then another person in the home noticed what appeared to be someone running in their backyard. Officer Arthur Schofield checked the area and advised that the house was secure.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

5:00 pm The Milford Police Department requested an officer be on the look out for an eighteen wheeler that took out stop lights at Route 85/16. Officer Philip Powers checked the area but could not locate the vehicle.

4:47 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Arthur Schofield regarding her landlord possibly breaking into her apartment.

4:10 pm A resident of Parker Point Road reported receiving a call from a person who asked her to confirm her SS# for a grant that she applied for in college however she stated that she did not apply for any grant.


 Double Fatal Vehicle Crash, Fire on Route 495 Wrentham


December29, 2014 — At approximately 12:18 a.m. today, Massachusetts State Troopers responded to a single-vehicle crash on Route 495 southbound in Wrentham, prior to Exit 15. Two occupants of the motor vehicle have been pronounced deceased at the scene. A third has been transported to a hospital by medical helicopter.


Preliminary investigation by Troopers assigned to the Foxboro Barracks indicates that, for reasons still under investigation, the vehicle struck a section of guardrail and became engulfed in flames.


The scene remains active, with the crash under investigation by Troop H of the Massachusetts State Police, the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, the State Police Crime Scene Services Section, and the State Police Detective Unit for Norfolk County. The Wrentham Fire Department and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation also responded. The southbound side of Route 495 between Exits 15 and 16 was closed until 5:00 am.


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