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Hopkinton Education Foundation Announces 2017 Grant Awards
Foundation to Fund Grants Valued at $28,260

For Elmwood, Hopkins, Middle and High Schools


HOPKINTON, MA – May 17, 2017 – The Hopkinton Education Foundation (Ed Foundation) awarded 6 grants totaling over $28,260 to schools in the Hopkinton Public School system. These 6 grants were chosen as their ideas best met the foundation’s criteria for innovation and positively impacting the Hopkinton Public School System. After today’s announcement, the total funds awarded to the Hopkinton Public School system are nearly $1.3 million.

The grants awarded in this cycle support a wide range of disciplines including critical thinking skills, science, diversity & empathy, English language arts, and mathematics. “This year we funded a big variety of new curriculum tools for the teachers. Introducing collaboration and diversity in a fun way to an early age is very exciting. It is also great to see new ways of teaching things like math and grammar”, said Alexis Miller, Education Foundation President.



This year’s award recipients are:

  • Break Out of Traditional Learning awarded to Lauren Mack at the Elmwood School for $750 - Stephen Gray Innovation Grant -This grant funds six EDU Breakout Boxes on which second and third grade students will work collaboratively to solve a series of critical thinking clues in order to open a locked box. These activities can be tailored to reinforce or learn any aspect of content curriculum in a fun and engaging way.

  • The STEAM Powered Classroom awarded to Laura O’Malley at the Elmwood School for $10,000 – This exciting grant will enable instructors from Science from Scientists to come to 3rd grade classes and teach engaging, hands on, STEAM based lessons that tie to the new science standards while focusing on critical thinking skills and collaboration. Teachers will also receive lesson instructions for future use.

  • Celebrating Neurodiversity through Bibliotherapy awarded to Mariel Calnan at the Hopkins School for $500 – Students often ask teachers “Why do you teach them differently? Why do they get to do that?” This grant funds a collection of books on various disabilities and struggles that children may face. This library and I ts associated lesson plans, will help teachers explain the hidden differences in learners. Teachers will incorporate these books and lessons into morning meeting and other parts of the school day helping students learn to understand both themselves and their peers.

  • Membean awarded to Noreen Sloan at the Middle School for $5,100- This grant funds a web-based multimodal vocabulary system that uses brain-based research on learning to improve vocabulary retention and ultimately improve reading comprehension and writing. Homework is automatically differentiated and appropriate for each student. All middle school students will use this new vocabulary program.

  • NoRedInk awarded to Noreen Sloan at the Middle School for $8,000 - This grant funds a program designed to help teachers differentiate grammar practice while keeping students engaged. Ultimately this project will increase the quality of a student’s writing across content areas by providing him with high interest content and adaptive, differentiated instruction in grammar.

  • Building a Thinking Classroom awarded to Kathy Campbell at the High School for $3,910 - This grant allows two math teachers to set up their classrooms in a collaborative way so that all students (225) can be “at the board” at once and work together on solving problems. Teachers will use a strategy called Cuethink, an innovated application to improve critical thinking skills and math communication using 4 phases. This will result in a truly “Thinking Classroom.

“Congratulations to all of the grant recipients for their hard work and outside of the box thinking,” said Maureen Belger, Ed Foundation Grant Committee Chairperson. “We are proud to be a catalyst for innovation motivating our educators and students.”

About the Hopkinton Education Foundation

The Hopkinton Education Foundation provides funding, ideas and professional development to help Hopkinton educators deliver innovative educational experiences that inspire students to strive for excellence and become lifelong learners. Since its inception in 1992, the Foundation has made 334 grants valued at nearly $1.3 million. For further information, visit www.hopkintoneducationfoundation.org, or the Foundation’s Facebook page.

The Education Foundation partners with businesses, individuals, and other organizations for funding that will promote awareness of the Education Foundation’s mission, vision, goals, and successes. It is generously supported by DELL/EMC, Middlesex Savings Bank, Phipps Insurance, Richmond Group, Kidsborough,  Elizabeth Blake Orthodontics, Chapman Educational Services, The Dental Place Hopkinton, Compass Project Management, Putnam Pipe Corporation.

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St. Paul’s Rummage Sale June 3, 2017

HOPKINTON, MASS (May 16, 2017. – Bargain hunters won’t want to miss the St. Paul’s Rummage Sale on Saturday, June 3 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. There will be some great deals on adult and children’s apparel and accessories, books, and other household items! St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is located at 61 Wood Street (Rte. 135) in Hopkinton.

Anyone wishing to donate items to the Rummage Sale is welcomed to drop off items (with the exception of computers, TVs, microwaves or air conditioners) at the church on Thursday, June 1, 2pm to 7pm and on Friday, June 2, 12 noon to 7pm.

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Michael Karlis Interviews 2 Winning Candidates, below.
Town Clerk Reads "Unofficial" Results Following Interviews, below.
Coutinho Over Haidri by 20  78 Votes!
 The entire new  (Unofficial) results are here, 11:12 a.m. --  5/16/2017

May 16, 2017-- In the most closely-watched races, Hopkinton voters, led by Democrats calling for diversity, rejected long-time Planning Board Chair Ken Weismantel, filling his 5-year seat and one other 5-year seat with women. In addition, newcomer Amman Haidri got within 78 votes  [1204-1126] of Selectman Vice-chair John Coutinho, which was originally reported by the town as a 20-vote spread.

         The entire (Unofficial) results are here, 11:12 a.m. --  5/16/2017.


Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton & Surrounding Towns

New Transactions from May 8, 2017 - May 15, 2017
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
19 Frostpane Lane unit 61 Manu Sharma, Shilpi Sharma $535,000 May 15, 2017 Francisco G. Ferreira Do Rosario Apetato,
Assel Rakhimzhanova
48 Connelly Hill Road Atul Saluja, Vinita Saluja $1,160,000 May 11, 2017 Joseph C. Miller, Marlena B. Miller
15 Lilac Court Meredith C. Young $290,000 May 11, 2017 Wendy A. Cirillo
77 School Street James T. Campbell, Sharon J. Campbell $581,750 May 11, 2017 LLD Land Development Corp.
13 Sweetwater Way unit 250 Shreenil B. Fadia, Bhumi Zala $489,115 May 10, 2017 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
189 Captain Eames Circle unit D Ankur Patel, Ripal Desai $366,000 May 15, 2017 Suman Kondreddy, Jyothi Suddapalli
11 Yankee Lane David L. Roth, Kimberly A. Roth $724,900 May 15, 2017 Thomas A. Simeone, Lynda L. Simeone
6 Summit Lane Satish Kurahatti, Keerthana Raman $673,150 May 12, 2017 Richmond Development Corp.
6 Summit Lane Richmond Development Corp. $95,000 May 12, 2017 Steven A. Hickey, Cross Street Realty Trust
433 & 529 Chestnut Street Town of Ashland $290,000 May 12, 2017 Massachusetts State College Building Authority
27 Old Central Turnpike Aimee Fairclough, Shane A. White $385,000 May 11, 2017 Alexandre Thibonnier, Mary E. Thibonnier
309 Meeting House Path Jeanette M. Lacivita $302,000 May 10, 2017 Anand Sampath, Elizabeth Ann Sampath
276 Trailside Way Leslie J. Bove $246,000 May 10, 2017 Lance Lasher, John B. Rendell, L-H Realty Trust
41 Carriage Hill Circle Richard P. Scalzo, Richard P. Scalzo
2015 Trust
$622,750 May 15, 2017 Joyce Kreppel, Gary H. Kreppel
25 Parkerville Road Carina B. Cullivan, Todd M. Lachiatto $657,000 May 12, 2017 John T. Stone, Ayako F. Stone
18 Lovers Lane 18 Lovers Lane Realty Trust, Michael S. Marino $500,000 May 12, 2017 Ari N. Haseotes, Ashley A. Haseotes
1 Wells Lane Christopher Smith, Rachel M. Smith $690,000 May 12, 2017 Michael A. Hodges,
Estate of Kathleen M. Perron
76 Marlboro Road Rasha Ramadan $769,604 May 11, 2017 David Elkinson, EB Realty Trust
4 Winchester Street Christopher C. Taylor $350,000 May 11, 2017 William J. Yetman, Elaine A. Yetman
89 Turnpike Road Gevorg Ohanyan, Alison Oehmen $279,000 May 9, 2017 Ferris Development Group LLC
27 West River Street Aaron H. Gorius, Susan H. Gorius $180,000 May 12, 2017 Gregory J. Marcinek
57 Rockwood Lane unit 10 James T. Campbell, Sharon J. Campbell $581,750 May 10, 2017 LLD Land Development Corp.
9 Crockett Road Michael P. Boys, Kristine T. Kaktins $560,000 May 9, 2017 William S. O'Neil, Jodie Naze

Police Incidents - Updated 5/15/2017

June 17th 8:30 AM -- Timlin Fee About to Increase
Only 2 more days until the 5K Race/Walk registration fee increases! Register at www.sharontimlinrace.org 
Kids Fun Color Run is almost full (1st- 6th graders) 
Register now before it's too late www.sharontimlinrace.org.

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May 14, 2017 -- Is it possible that the operator of the drone is high enough over the water to see the location of the golden trout?
Mouse-over the photo to see the drone close-up. Mouse-away to not see the close-up, at the Hopkinton Police Fishing Derby yesterday. HopNews photo.


May 14, 2017 -- Chairman of the Board of Selectman, Brian Herr straddles the aisle in this photo of him holding signs of each major party today in Downtown Hopkinton. Two years ago, Mr. Herr ran as a Republican candidate in an unsuccessful bid for U.S. Senate against Democrat Ed Markey.

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Cancer Crushers -- A Relay for Life Team

May 13, 2017 -- About 20 youngsters belonging to the Relay for Life "Cancer Crushers" team held an ice cream social at the Spoonery, behind the Spoon for three hours today. The Spoonery donated 50 % of the proceeds to the cause. Above, during a lull, are Casey Tourigney, Veronica White and Anne Kester, members of the team.
Candidates for Planning Board Amy Ritterbusch & Gary Trendel
In Live! on Main

RE: Town Election:
No more Letters to the Editor will be accepted, nor will any more advertising be accepted, that are not already in the works.  Note 5.11.17. 10:27 am.
<-------- -Those wishing to share their opinions or letters in our New Town Talk Group are welcome to do so.
Small Hands, My Foot!


by Robert Falcione

May 12, 2017 -- It had to be around thirty years ago, mere days before a town election, that I got a phone call from a Townie friend.

              "There's an indictment about to go down any day now," she said. Then she told me which candidate. It wasn't the one I was voting for, anyway, so it had no sway for me. But, wow, what huge news. But she didn't know what it was for. Well, the candidate was elected regardless, and I waited for the news of the indictment afterward. And I waited. And waited. And... the news never came.

                It took years before I realized I was hoodwinked by a friend, who valued political party over friendship. In politics, it isn't always what it seems.

               It was around that time that more than one person suggested I should run for Selectman. You see, as some people may remember, I could fill a bar with as many people it takes to have a quorum at Town Meeting with the promise of getting musicians together for a jam every week. Or, it could have been to use me as a foil, like my fellow twenty-somethings did, who insisted I join them in a pickup game of basketball, although I had never played, all of those years ago. They made sure I got on the other team.

                  Although the warning about the first indictment came about thirty years ago, the second warning I got about an indictment, from another friend, came about thirty days ago. Really! I asked when the one from thirty years ago would be resolved. He did not realize how old the defamatory trick really was.

                 Recently, some politically active people were not so nice in speaking about me behind my back, because I described a photo in a way they didn't like. Oh, the insults they hurled, the pain they caused me. It was like lions at a fresh kill.

                   "Fake news!" several of them chortled.

                   "Boycott! HopNews," said a couple more. 

                   "I have never read it, and never will, because it's fake news," contradicted another.

                   One said I targeted her family several years ago, the total opposite of who targeted whom.

                   Another speculated that I was the mentally ill person in Price Chopper. 

                   But of all of the insults and defamation they sent my way, one hurt the most.

                   One of them said I have small hands.

                   Given the incontrovertible photographic evidence above, and paraphrasing a famous philosopher with a broken toe, I refute thee thusly!

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Support for John Coutinho



I am pleased to endorse John Coutinho for re-election to the Board of Selectmen.


I have known John both as a friend and committed volunteer for 11 years. Over the last 7 years, we served together on the Zoning Advisory Committee and Planning Board and I can say with confidence that John loves this town more than anyone I know. He works tirelessly, both in the spotlight and behind the scenes, to support all members of the community, and will always make decisions with the town’s best interests in mind.


John has more than 20 years of volunteerism under his belt in Hopkinton. In addition to serving on the following appointed committees, Zoning Advisory, Downtown Revitalization, the Marathon Fund and Upper Charles Trail, John was elected to the Planning Board and most recently the Board of Selectmen. You can count on John to be at community events no matter how big or small, and to support his neighbors no matter the need. His dedication and commitment to this town and its citizens is what makes John the perfect candidate for Selectman.


Please join me on May 15th in voting for John Coutinho for re-election to the Board of Selectmen.


Brian Karp

23 Nicholas Rd.

May 8, 2017

RE: Town Election:
No more Letters to the Editor will be accepted, nor will any more political advertising be accepted, that are not already in the works.  Note 5.11.17. 10:27 am.
<-------- -Those wishing to share their opinions or letters in our New Town Talk Group are welcome to do so.

Support for Ken Weismantel

It is critical that we keep the steady hand and solid experience of Ken Weismantel on the Planning Board. Having spent 15 years as a member of that board, I can attest to the knowledge and skills required to serve effectively on it, and I will also admit that the learning curve is steep. Ken has an incomparable understanding of the town, including its infrastructure, and combined with his engineering background, this enables him to spot the small details and raise the large issues. Time after time, I have seen him zero in on the critical questions because of his depth of knowledge.


The disappointing reality for some is that the Planning Board is not about stopping development or just saying “NO.” It is directed by the town’s Subdivision Rules & Regulations and private property rights. Thus its power comes from asking the right questions, spotting problems, exerting pressure, and seeking windows of opportunity to manage change within the existing laws. Ken Weismantel knows how to do this. Over 10 years, he has also played a part in the Board’s oversight of Legacy Farms, since the townspeople voted for the Legacy Farms development in 2008.


Ken is the longest serving, most experienced member of the Planning Board. He is followed by only 2 members with more than 2 years of experience. We MUST keep Hopkinton on a steady course by keeping Ken Weismantel on the Planning Board.

Claire Wright

28 Hayden Rowe

May 8, 2017


TLC (The Learning Center) of Hopkinton

May 11, 2017 --  TLC continues their campaign against Cystic Fibrosis, continuing the challenge by having students circle the traffic island next to the school every day to bring awareness to the need. Above, two students break away from the pack, while collie, TJ, takes her sweet time, with another group behind her.


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Man Arrested for Trafficking Cocaine


[BOURNE, MA] May 10, 2017 -- Yesterday, at about 12:10 a.m., Trooper Katie Lorenco assigned to the State Police Barracks in Bourne was on patrol on Route 195 in the town of Marion when she observed a gray Nissan Altima traveling at an excessive speed of 90 mph.  Trooper Lorenco subsequently stopped the vehicle which first travels a quarter-mile in the break down lane before coming to a complete stop. Trooper Mastera arrived as back up.

As a result of an investigation and subsequent search of the vehicle 38.5 grams of cocaine, various pills, $4,189 in cash as well as evidence consistent with the sale and distribution of narcotics was located.

The operator identified as PIERRE BENOIT, 26, of Worcester was placed under arrest and transported to the Bourne Barracks where he was booked and later bailed.


BENOIT was criminally charged with the following offenses:

-Trafficking in cocaine;

-Possession to Distribute Class C;

-Possession to Distribute Class C;

-Possession to Distribute Class D;

-Possession of Class E;

He was also issued a Massachusetts Civil Citation for speeding and State highway traffic violation.

Marian High School Announces New Leadership

Hopkinton native Steps into Principal Role for 2017-2018 School Year


(Framingham, MA) May 10, 2017 – The Marian High School Board of Trustees is happy to announce a reorganization of leadership at the Framingham MA Catholic Independent Co-ed High School. Beginning in the 2017-18 school year. John Ermilio, who for the past three years has been principal, will assume the role of President, a role previously held by Sister Catherine Clifford of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.


Moving into the Principal position will be current Dean of Students Brian Kitchell-Donohue, a 1999 graduate of Hopkinton High School. For the past seven years Mr. Donohue has taught English at Marian and more recently also moved into the Dean of Students role.


“I believe in the Marian community. I have personally seen it succeed for the last seven years and now I look forward to serving our students and staff as their new principal,” said Mr. Donohue. Adding to her duties as Athletic Director Stephanie Ridolfi will become the Dean of Students.


Since 2015, Mrs. Ridolfi has been Athletic Director and head girls lacrosse coach at Marian High School. “During my time at Marian I have enjoyed interacting with the students at the athletic level,” says Mrs. Ridolfi, “and I am excited and honored for the opportunity to engage with the entire student body.”


“For 60 years Marian has been educating leaders,” says Mr. Ermilio, “and I am humbled by the faith that the Trustees have demonstrated in Stephanie, Brian and myself. I am confident that the three of us will continue to position Marian as a premier Catholic College Prep High School in the Metro West area.” Marian is a Catholic, college preparatory, co-educational secondary school. The Marian community welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and is committed to fostering the growth and development of each individual in an environment of respect and accountability.


Marian High School was officially opened by Rev. Richard Cardinal Cushing, the Ordinary of the Boston Archdiocese, in 1956. Under the leadership of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Marian grew in number and reputation, educating many who are now proudly part of our more than 6,000 alums.


Former students have moved on to assume roles as astronaut*, business manager, educator, physician, pro athlete, TV producer, etc. Over the years, many dedicated men and women have assumed the educational leadership of the school, ably supported by dedicated faculty and staff. In 2004, through a change in governance within the Archdiocese of Boston, Marian High School became its own entity, Marian High School, Inc.


Editor's note: *S. Christa Corrigan [McCauliffe]  Contributed content.


Support for Gary Trendel


I am writing to express my support for Gary Trendel as a candidate for Hopkinton Planning Board. 
I first met Gary when he and his wife Jenn moved to Hopkinton approximately 10 years ago. Over the past 10 years, Gary has volunteered extensively in our community-from volunteering on the Upper Charles Trails Committee to coaching many sports teams. Gary has always expressed an interest in being involved in our community and has always wanted to make Hopkinton a better place to live.

Gary has a strong educational background and an immense work ethic. Gary brings a strong background to the table and approaches tasks in a detail oriented, reasonable, common sense manner. He will work hard for us and will do everything he can to preserve the wonderful character of Hopkinton.

Please join me in voting for Gary Trendel on March 15th.

Luke Tedstone
49 Chamberlain Street

May 10, 2017



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Police Incidents - Updated 5/10/2017


Support for John Coutinho

Dear Editor and Residents of Hopkinton,

Democracy is not a spectator sport and John Coutinho is no spectator. That is why I am voting for his reelection for Selectman on May 15.

I served on Planning Board with John. During my term I saw him in action. He proved time and again to be a thoughtful board member who consistently voted with our town's interests at heart. And during this time he volunteered on other town boards, gave of his time to non-profit organizations, all the while having a real job and being a devoted family man.

John preceded me as a civic volunteer and he continues to give back as a town leader. John is now going on ten years as a community volunteer.

We are lucky to have John Coutinho in Hopkinton. He is a doer, a volunteer, and a leader who loves our town. One thing he isn't, is a spectator. And that is why I support John Coutinho for Selectman on May 15.

Dick MacDonald
3 Wyman Lane
Hopkinton, MA 01748

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Northern Flicker

May 10, 2017 -- Christine St. Andre caught this bird earning its name in Hopkinton.
Team Zack

May 10, 2017 --  Students at TLC [The Learning Center] are collecting contributions to benefit the search for a cure for cystic fibrosis, and the way they proceed is by walking around their island at the wood street location for 50 laps a day.
The inspiration for their Team Zach is Zach Scheib, cousin of TLCowner Trish Miller.

James Sheedy Convicted of First Degree Murder


LOWELL – May 10, 2017 -- Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan has announced that James Sheedy, 55, of Lowell, was convicted yesterday of first degree murder by a Lowell Superior Court jury in connection with the 2014 death of Barbara Romano, 54, of Lowell. Judge Heidi Brieger scheduled sentencing for June 22, 2017.


On May 31, 2014, at approximately 8:30 p.m., Lowell Police received a call from a woman requesting a well-being check to be conducted on the defendant.  She informed the police that she had received a call from the defendant in which he stated he was planning on killing himself.  The Lowell Police contacted the defendant, but he refused to tell them where he was. The police went to the defendant’s apartment, but did not find James Sheedy. Instead, the body of Barbara Romano was located. The victim had been stabbed multiple times in the neck, abdomen and extremities. 


At approximately 10:00 p.m. on May 31, James Sheedy telephoned the Lowell Police Department and informed officers that he knew the police were looking for him, and he had just attempted suicide by throwing himself in the canal.  The police went to the defendant’s location, and after the defendant admitted to hurting the female in his apartment, he was placed under arrest.

Through their investigation authorities learned that the defendant had stabbed the victim on the evening of May 30, 2014 and then left his apartment. The defendant claimed the victim was alive when he had fled the scene. Officers located a knife, socks and a towel with the victim’s blood on them belonging to the defendant, as well as various phone calls and text messages referring to what he had done.


The cause of death was determined to be sharp force trauma to the neck.


This case was investigated by Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office and the Lowell Police Department.

The prosecutors assigned to this case were Assistant District Attorneys Suzanne Kontz and Crystal Lyons. The Victim Witness Advocate was Dora Quiroz.

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Support for Three Candidates

Dear Editor & residents of Hopkinton,

I am writing in support of Muriel Kramer, Amy Ritterbusch both running for the two 5 yr seats on the Planning Board & Irfan Nasrullah for the 1yr seat on the Planning Board.


These three represent a great deal of professional & community experience along with a calmness and willingness to work as a team player on a board. They are open to hearing input from citizens and businesses in regards to their concerns/needs/ideas along with bringing a fresh perspective as we look to Hopkinton’s future.


Muriel has been a past Selectman including chair along with other elected and appointed roles, she works tirelessly for this community. Muriel is committed to providing a thoughtful, strategic and managed approach to growth, while ensuring open space preservation and protection of historical sites are always in the forefront of consideration. She is fair and balanced, and dedicated to finding the best solution for all stakeholders, with you as her first priority.


Amy has held many volunteer roles in town, is diligent, extremely detailed oriented and hard working. Amy is the go to person who can dig out facts, history and relate it to its prevalence of Hopkinton’s future. Amy is currently serving as the Chair of the Hopkinton Center Historic District Commission and as an Associate Member of the Design Review Board.


Irfan has been in Hopkinton for nearly 40yrs, an Environmental Attorney who also practices in Real Estate law from his office on Main St. in Hopkinton. Irfan has worked with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Environmental Crime Strike Force, the MassDEP protecting water and land resources. In his private practice, he has worked with numerous Conservation Commissions and Planning Boards. Irfan brings familiarity with land development as well as a responsible stewardship of land in both planning and development.


Please join me on May 15th voting for Muriel & Amy for 5 yrs seats on the Planning Board and Irfan to the open 1yr seat.


Darlene Hayes

1 Third Road

May 10, 2017


May 9, 2017 -- May's full moon is called the Flower Moon, which blooms this week. ~ Thanks to Christine St. Andre for another great composite photo.


State Police Investigating Fatal Crash in Franklin on Route 495n


This morning at about 5:15 am, State Police responded to a single-vehicle crash on Route 495 northbound in Franklin which resulted in the death of the operator, Olenrewaju Esaojo, 23, of Providence.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Brian Soares indicates that a 2011 Toyota was traveling on Route 495 northbound when, for reasons still under investigation, the operator, a 24-year-old male from Providence, RI lost control of the vehicle and struck an arrow board causing the vehicle to rollover into the median.


The operator was determined deceased at the scene.  His identity is being withheld pending family notification.


This crash remains under investigation with assistance from the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, Crime Scene Services Section and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.  State Police were assisted on scene by Franklin Fire and EMS, and MassDOT.










Bethany Health Care Center James Argir, Sr. Memorial Golf Tournament

Charter Oak Country Club, 394 Chestnut Street, Hudson, MA

Monday, June 12, 2017

Registration 8:00AM – Tee Time 9:00AM – Buffet 3:00PM

Sister Jacquelyn McCarthy, CSJ, R.N., CEO/Administrator announces Bethany Health Care Center's 11th Annual Golf Tournament at the Charter Oak Country Club in Hudson. This year's tournament will celebrate the life and honor the memory of James Argir, Sr., a dear friend of the Bethany community and former golf tournament committee member.

Registration at 8AM and tournament tee time at 9:00AM, culminating in a post-tournament reception, buffet dinner, awards ceremony and live auction. Boston College football color commentator and former NFL linebacker Pete Cronan will be the emcee and auctioneer. Register golfers, become a sponsor, purchase golf packages or donate online at www.bethanyhealthcare.org
See Brochure

Bethany Health Care Center, a Sponsored Ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, is a short and long-term healthcare facility and home to Sisters of St. Joseph and women from other religious orders as well as for members of the MetroWest and Metropolitan Boston communities. Proceeds from Bethany's 11th annual golf tournament will benefit our Activities Center expansion project. The new Activities Center will expand from its current 1,520 sq. ft. space to 4,571 sq. ft. and provide a modern, sunlit, spacious area for all residents to enjoy a variety of cultural, entertainment, craft and physical activity programs. For these residents, staff directed Activities Programs provide the main source of their social, intellectual, spiritual and physical activities.  Contributed content

Family Stuff

Camp Bailout

In conjunction with the Ashland Fire Department and the Ashland Board of Selectmen, Camp Bailout Summer Program will be held, for the seventh consecutive year, July 10-14, 2017.

Camp Bailout is a week long program designed to educate young women on firefighting and emergency service skills, in a dynamic and fun environment. The week long curriculum is interactive and physically challenging, where the girls will gain strength and knowledge while building confidence and leadership skills.

During the week, the girls will be taught basic skills in: Rappelling from the training tower; motor vehicle extrication with the Jaws of Life; search and rescue; CPR Certification; live fire extinguishment and much, much more.

Program participants should possess a positive attitude, be in good physical conditioning and be prepared to have fun!

Program Creator and Director, Lieutenant Lyn Moraghan will be looking forward to receiving applications, which can be downloaded from our website www.campbailout.org .


Support for John Coutinho

Dear Editor and Residents of Hopkinton -


I am proud to support John Coutinho for Selectman. For over ten years, John has volunteered in our town and in our town government. He is hard-working, open-minded, and passionate about Hopkinton.


I am a registered democrat. My mother and her friends started the League of Women Voters in Holliston when I was a kid. I grew up knowing the power of voting. Growing up with strong women all around me, I know to always vote for a person not a party. Know your candidate. Do your research. Don’t let someone else take your power.


Why would we need to vote party lines in town elections? Many cities and towns in Massachusetts are non-partisan including Boston, Needham, Dover, Lexington and many others. Hopkinton should be as well; at the town level we are voting for candidates who work hard for the benefit of our town. So, ask questions. What has each candidate done for Hopkinton? Do they volunteer their time to help this town? What is their track record? You can find it. I challenge you to look.


John crosses party lines. He believes, as I do, in supporting candidates who have a strong work and volunteer ethic. John supports candidates who are passionate about making a difference. He appreciates people who have done – and will continue to do - good things for Hopkinton.


John was always registered Independent. Ten years ago, when he first ran for public office in Hopkinton, his opponent was running on the Democratic ticket.  John’s choice was to run on the Republican ticket.  John is a supporter of NOW and women's rights. He is a supporter of the of the ACLU and government transparency with Judicial Watch. He believes - though diverse and even somewhat opposed in philosophy - each of these organizations is trying to make the world better. John, as a person and as a candidate, crosses party lines. He does not feel limited by those party lines.


John has done so much for our town and for many of us individually. He has tirelessly volunteered his time not only in town politics, but behind the scenes in our schools and in our educational programs. When my Destination Imagination team needed a volunteer appraiser, John volunteered and became our appraiser. And he didn’t even have a kid on our team! I’m sure many of you have similar stories about John.


If you have volunteered in this town or in town government, you know John or you have seen him around. John is someone who unites people. He is an all-inclusive candidate and a good listener. He is someone who works hard and volunteers continuously for this town. We are all very lucky to have John as our Selectman.

Please join me in voting for John Coutinho for Selectman on May 15th.


Alisa Wade

41 School Street

May 9, 2017

    7th Annual Friends of Hopkinton Football     
Golf Outing 2017

Please mark your calendars for Friday, June 23rd! Please consider joining us for the 7th Annual Golf Tournament at Shining Rock Golf Club to support the Hopkinton High School Football Program. The money raised from this event goes towards making the Hopkinton Football program the best one possible. This is a great day filled with golf, raffles, auctions and a wonderful barbeque lunch!

The cost is $100 per player. If you are interested, please reach out to Brigid MacDonald at bmacdonald171@gmail.com.


Please choose choose this link for sponsorship form or go directly towww.gofundme.com/massunitytour

Your Home


Support for Ken Weismantel



I am proud to support Ken Weismantel for a 5 year term to the Planning Board.


I have known Ken for 7 years now, and would tell you that no one cares for the town of Hopkinton more than he does. He has lived here for 36 years, has raised his family and put his daughters through the Hopkinton schools, has been volunteering his time to various committees and boards for nearly 25 of those years, has attended and actively participated in all but, as he stated on Wednesday night, 1 Town Meeting.


For the last 6 years I have had the pleasure of working with Ken on the Planning Board. In those 6 years, as the Chairman of the board, he has helped to improve the transparency of the board and its meetings. All meetings are televised, and the public is always invited to come join us and participate. Ken has never, not allowed the meeting audience to ask a question or give their opinion during a public hearing. He, along with the Planning and Land Use Department created a Site Plan Outline allowing all proponents, board members, and the public to know what to expect before the site plan process begins. This has made for a much more efficient meeting because everyone knows what to expect. Prior to Ken being the Chair, applicants would often bounce back and forth between different boards, which created a very frustrating experience, causing them to not want to do business in town. Because of this improvement we have had several businesses come to town, which provide great services to our community.


The recent accomplishments of the Planning Board have shown Ken Weismantel’s commitment to Hopkinton. We have spent over a year updating and rewriting the town’s Master Plan. We negotiated with Legacy Farms to ensure an annual tax benefit of $1.8 million. We negotiated with Legacy Farms to install gaslights around the northeast perimeter of the LNG plant to ensure the safety of our newest residents. We have also written a letter to the Board of Selectmen urging them to continue the gaslights to ensure the safety of our existing residents. We drafted a letter, to the Board of Selectmen, two years ago asking them to figure out a use for the soon to be vacant Center School.


If you support our open space, our trails, our Parks and Recreation, Education, Police, and Fire Departments, as well as our Library and countless other town services, then think about how far that $1.8 million annually will go and thank Ken Weismantel by voting for him on May 15th.

Brian Karp

23 Nicholas Rd.

May 9, 2017

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Support for Amy Ritterbusch


I am supporting Amy Ritterbusch for Planning Board because of Amy's amazing research abilities, knowledge of the town by-laws, strong relationships and commitment to the town of Hopkinton. I have known Amy for well over ten years as we have worked together in many capacities together with a civic group in town, the Hopkinton Parent Teacher Association (HPTA) and we have children similarly aged.


I believe Amy Ritterbusch should be one of your choices for the two open seats on the Planning Board. She is committed to an open communication philosophy; she has proven and will continue to dedicate the time to research and investigate; and she will keep an open mind when addressing all areas that impact our town's future development. Amy has proven that she is willing to put in the time and effort this volunteer position requires and will work as a part of the team to not only get the job done but to get it done well. She has a natural inquisitive mind that will prove to be an asset to this position.


Amy has shown that she can successfully juggle the time commitments of being a mother of three children, a volunteer on various roles in the schools and the town, more recently a member of the Hopkinton Center Historic District Commission and Design Review Board. Some of her volunteer roles include President of a civic group in town, Communications Chair for the HPTA, Girls Scout Leader, and Boy Scout Advancements Chair. Please join me in voting for Amy Ritterbusch for Planning Board as she will be an excellent Planning Board member.


Finally, I encourage everyone to go and vote on Monday, May 15th.


Cindy and Manny Bernardo

5 Susan Drive

Family Stuff

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton & Surrounding Towns

New Transactions from May 2, 2017 - May 8, 2017
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
21 Whalen Road Jason A. Desisto, Charlotte A. Cutler $562,500 May 8, 2017 Karin P. Karey, Karin P. Karey 2015 Revocable Trust
14 South Mill Street Brian L. Perkins Jr., Samantha Perkins $510,000 May 8, 2017 Joan W. Dugas
36 Wayside Drive unit 258 Hardick Dixit, Heli Dixit $500,000 May 8, 2017 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
280 Wood Street James Maloney, Kara Maloney $305,000 May 5, 2017 Yiting Chang Lau, Chi-Ban Lau
74-76 South Street Lins Family LLC $850,000 May 5, 2017 William C. Tetlow, Hopkinton Tree Trust
9 Baker Lane Robert S. Inglis, Sejal M. Inglis $619,900 May 4, 2017 John A. Pini Jr.
19 Walcott Street Todor Mihajloski, Maria Elyse Barrett Mihajloski $415,000 May 3, 2017 Diane M. Golden, Joseph L. Golden
353 Wood Street Teri A. Nelsen $150,000 May 3, 2017 Joanne M. Phipps
26 Davis Farm Road Howe Development Corp. $330,926 May 8, 2017 Richard S. Brown
2 John Hancock Drive unit 81A Mariane F. Rezkalla $189,100 May 5, 2017 Freedom Village Realty LLC
85 Spyglass Hill Drive unit C43 Jennifer F. Mason $330,000 May 5, 2017 Jeffrey D. Morse, Erica Morse
230 America Boulevard unit 42B Ye Cheng, Tina McDaniel $410,000 May 5, 2017 John P. Grimes, Margaret M. Grimes
10 Lantern Way John Pini, Barbara Pini $577,569 May 4, 2017 Ashland Green LLC
22 Rosebay Drive Samantha J. Majcher $410,000 May 4, 2017 Robert Scott Inglis, Sejal M. Inglis
571 Chestnut Street Dexter Malone, Eudocia Malone $611,000 May 4, 2017 Aferdita Vulaj
254 America Boulevard unit B Luis E. Ramirez-Tapia $385,000 May 4, 2017 Amanda Dlugasch, Matthew Dlugasch
54 & 58 Union Street Martel HVAC Realty LLC $630,000 May 3, 2017 Euroland Real Estate LLC
67 Deerfoot Road Raymond R. Smith, Colleen M. Smith $435,000 May 8, 2017 Reginald Padgett, Antoinette Padgett
95 Hopkinton Road Rebekah L. Getman, Matthew L. Getman $460,000 May 5, 2017 Sophie Guillaume, Alexandre Guillaume

Uptown Salon & Color Owner Rosemary Cugini Walsh and stylist Taylor Munroe hold a couple of pugs in the days leading up to their very successful cut-a-thon on Sunday, where they raised nearly $1,000 for Baypath Humane Society.


Police Incidents - Updated 5/8/2017

Support for Ken Weismantel and Gary Trendel

To the Editor and Residents of Hopkinton,

Please join with me in voting for Ken Weismantel and Gary Trendel for the two 5-year seats on the Planning Board. Ken and Gary have complementary skills and perspectives that will serve our community well in the years ahead.

Ken has lived in town for over 30 years and has served with distinction on many boards and committees, including the past 10 years on the Planning Board. He has a wealth of knowledge of the town’s land use bylaws and understands what it takes to get things done in town. His institutional knowledge on a board with a light bench due to considerable turnover in recent years will provide stability and continuity.

Gary has lived in town for 10 years, has three young children in the Hopkinton public schools, and is committed to the town for the long term. Gary has the education (an engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon and an MBA from Duke) and leadership qualities that can benefit Hopkinton for many years to come. He is personable, articulate, and passionate about preserving the character of our community in all its dimensions.

Gary Trendel represents the future of Hopkinton; Ken Weismantel will provide a bridge to that future. I respectfully ask that you vote for both Gary and Ken for Planning Board in the town election on May 15th.

Phil Totino
17 Whalen Road

May 8, 2017

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A Little  Bit of Heaven

May 8, 2017 --The new, thin, and tender tree leaves are backlit by a dropping sun in Charleton yesterday.

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Special Recognition for HHS Student Journalists


May 7, 2018 -- Five Hopkinton High School student journalists received Special Recognition awards from the New England Scholastic Press

Association (NESPA) on Friday for articles written for The HHS [Hopkinton High School] Press.


The five articles cited were among just 140 awards given out by NESPA for all of New England. "Special Recognition" is the only award level given out.

These are the students and their articles receiving awards:


  • Aiden Brookes and Michael Karlis for their news story "Complaints lead to new T-shirt design"

  • Molly Hawkins for her feature story "I wore a Trump hat in public to see what people would do"

  • Michael Karlis for his news story "Turf field proposal unveiled, $6.5 million estimated cost"

  • Alex Reynolds for his sports story "Boys hockey team notches best-ever record"

  • Grayson Spitzer for his film review "Brutal 'Logan' surprises as best X-Men film of the franchise"


Karlis is the editor-in-chief of The HHS Press. 

Spitzer is a junior at Hopkinton High School, and the rest of the student journalists are seniors.

NESPA announced the awards at its annual conference at Boston University on May 5

 PR from:

Bretton Zinger

English Teacher

​HHS Press adviser​

Hopkinton Public Schools


Rape Aggression Defense Systems Training for Women ONLY

R.A.D. is an internationally taught realistic hands on self defense training class specifically designed for women (15 hours).The program teaches and emphasizes awareness, avoidance and physical self defense with the tools we possess with us at all times (hands, feet, elbows, knees, head, etc…)

All ages, sizes and physical capabilities are welcome (ages 14, 15 or 16; parental waiver will be needed – 13 and under is too young for this class).
Class is sponsored by the Hopkinton Police Department, FREE!. Manuals are provided. Casual exercise clothing and an aerobic type of sneaker preferred

To enroll or if you have questions simply email Sergeant Tim Brennan at tbrennan@hopkintonpd.org  and leave your name, email address and phone number. If email is not available to you please call 508-497-3401 x1203 and leave a (clear and slow) message with the same information. The first 30 women to enroll will be admitted (maximum number of students is 30). Confirmations will be done by email to the first 30 women that email me. Please ensure you can make all 5 classes before enrolling. The class will run from 6p-9p.

WHEN and WHERE Monday May 15, 2017 @ Hopkinton Police Station

Monday May 22, 2017 @ Doyle Gym (lower at Hopkinton MS)

Monday June 5, 2017 @ Doyle Gym

Monday June 12, 2017 @ Doyle Gym

Monday June 19, 2017 @ Doyle Gym

All 5 nights are required from 6p-9pm in order to go through simulation.


INSTRUCTORS: Officer Linda Higgins, Sergeant Timothy J. Brennan



Live! on Main
Recorded at 6:00 pm on Friday, May 5, 2017
with guests, 2 of 4 candidates for (2) 5 yr. Planning Board seats,
 Muriel Kramer and Incumbent Ken Weismantel

Family Stuff

Support for Amman Haidri


I'm endorsing Amman Haidri for Selectman. Amman brings strong business acumen from structuring financing for small businesses at Eastern Bank and Bank of America and currently leads investment financing at a life sciences company. This substantive expertise will augment the board's knowledge in areas relevant for driving effective action on vacant downtown storefronts, infrastructure investment, incentives for local businesses, long range financial planning, and advancing action on town priorities that have stalled and faltered. 


Over the past 2-3 years, we have seen issues such as re-use of Center School, use of properties aside the new Marathon elementary school, routing of the Upper Charles Trail, and major intersection improvements, linger in a state of indecision and inaction. 

While I commend any volunteer for stated enthusiasm for these initiatives and for time spent in committee meetings, as a taxpayer and voter I'll be placing a higher value on management and development expertise and ability to get the job done. Please join me voting for Amman Haidri for Selectman on May 15.


Joe Markey

39 Ash Street

May 6, 2017


Support for Gary Trendel

   Dear Editor and residents of Hopkinton, 

I am very happy to state my support for Gary Trendel as a candidate for one of the 5-yr term positions open on the Hopkinton Planning Board! 


As you all know, our town is going thru some growing pains, and I know that Gary has a very real and common sense outlook on the future of Hopkinton. His platform is "Our Town, Our Vision", and that speaks to me of what I feel Hopkinton's Town Planning Board should always be working towards. There are many intricacies to being on the Board, and I know that Gary’s civil and environmental engineering background will contribute fair and well thought out solutions to the conflicts and issues that arise in our town. He is thinking of today, tomorrow and the years down the road – not only in how Hopkinton will look but also in how Hopkinton can be more desirable for those who want to remain after their children have left the nest. Gary Trendel will be a great asset to this position and will be a proponent to preserve all the things we love about Hopkinton while allowing for plans that mesh well with the long-term picture.

This year, I have seen many residents take up the call to get involved in how our town is evolving - very proud to see our neighbors step up and make a difference. On Monday May 15th, please consider joining me in electing Gary Trendel to our Hopkinton Panning Board.

Thank you!

Amanda Faucher

39 Chamberlain St.

May 6, 2017


Support for Amman Haidri

To the Editor:
I first met Amman Haidri early last year and liked him instantly. Over the course of the year we began to work together to help people in Hopkinton get to know one another across religious boundaries. I have been constantly struck by his practical wisdom, his energy and tireless concern for the needs of others, along with a deep and authentic generosity, I was not at all surprised to learn that he felt called to public service: it’s in his bones. His intelligence and compassion– and let’s say it, his humor– make him an ideal candidate for public office. He’s the kind of guy who is always figuring out ways to get people to work together for the common good. He likes it best when everybody wins. But, of course, it’s not always possible for everybody to win. Then is the real test of character– when conflict seems irresolvable. And this is when Haidri shines. He knows that there are no enemies, only disagreements that can be faced with humility when you win and grace when you don’t. Amman Haidri will make an excellent Selectman because he is committed to the good of Hopkinton, the good of Hopkinton for all.


Sincerely Yours,

The Rev. Gordon J. Schultz, Rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Hopkinton This endorsement is by Gordon Schultz, personally, not the congregation of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

May 6, 2017

Michael J. Mantenuto, 35


Michael J. Mantenuto, 35, passed away Monday, April 24, 2017. Born in Natick, MA, he was the son of Kerry Barton Lee of Lunenburg, MA and formerly Hopkinton, MA and Edward Mantenuto of Holliston, MA and was married to Kati Vienneau of Fort Lewis, WA and Medford, MA. They had two children Ava and Leo. Michael is survived by three sisters, and their families; Katie Mantenuto and Will Thomas, and son Andrew of Lunenburg, Meggan Mantenuto Hope, Dave Hope and their children Lily and Landon, and Lauren Mantenuto of Boulder, CO. Michael also leaves behind two aunts, several cousins and their families.


Michael’s life was far too short, but in his 35 years, he lived BIG and he lived fully! Starting at age 3, his father put him on ice skates, and from then on hockey remained an important part of his life. From youth hockey to elite teams, to Holliston High School, Univ of Maine, and finally to coaching his son, Leo, in youth hockey when Mike was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. Besides hockey, Mike went on to be chosen to play the role of Jack O’Callahan, in the Disney movie’s production of “Miracle”, chronicling the unprecedented event of the Americans beating the Russians in the 1980 Olympics. Mike then spent a couple of years in the “Hollywood” scene exploring acting options, but that was not to be. He went on to enlist in the Army and became part of the Special Forces as a Green Beret. Ultimately, what gave Mike the most inner satisfaction and passion was devoting his life to helping other soldiers who struggled with mental health, PTSD, and addiction issues.


Visitation will be held on Thursday, May 4th from 4:00-8:00p.m. at the Chesmore Funeral Home of Holliston, 854 Washington St. (Rt. 16) www.ChesmoreFuneralHome.com. A gathering to celebrate Michael’s life will take place on Friday, May 5th from 12:30-4:00p.m at the Crystal Room, 49 Cedar St. (Rt. 85) in Milford with a memorial service, followed by a light luncheon and closing with military honors. In lieu of flowers, donation information will be forthcoming.


Round and Round

May 5, 2017 -- The famous Swans, Romeo and Juliet, swim in the Pond with the Swan Boats yesterday in Boston Public Garden.

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94C Destroyed

May 5, 2017 -- Sgts. van Raalten and O'Neil confer following the confiscation and destruction of marijuana from male individuals in a passenger vehicle parked in the back lot of Bill's Pizza, which, it might be good to note, has more security cameras than the neighboring bank. "94C" is the statutory reference for marijuana.


May 4, 2017 -- Governor Charlie Baker ceremoniously signed a Resolve examining commonwealth procurement policies relative to Congo conflict minerals (S. 2463), requiring the Executive Office of Administration and Finance in consultation with the Office of the Inspector General to review state procurement policies and examine best practices ensuring that the Commonwealth’s electronics and information technology suppliers provide products that do not directly or indirectly finance armed conflict or result in labor or human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or an adjoining country, use minerals that the origin and exporter can be identified and contain raw materials that appropriate tax payments have been made on. Contributed content.


Support for Amy Ritterbusch


I am thrilled to support Amy Ritterbusch in her pursuit of one of the open positions (five-year term) on the Hopkinton Planning Board.


Our family has lived in Hopkinton since 2002. I met Amy through the Hopkinton PTA more than 10 years ago. Amy has always been a staunch supporter of our public schools, whether through fundraising, volunteering or championing new ideas. Amy is smart, dedicated and is a tireless advocate for our schools.


Beyond our schools, Amy can often be found at town meetings. Amy is thorough and balanced. I bet we often don't cast similar ballots in state-wide or national elections. That's ok. I know a valuable citizen when I see one, regardless of political affiliation.


Sometimes we just need to elect the best people. I admire those who are hardworking, smart and ethical like Amy. Amy has an unusual commitment to our town. Amy does her homework and ensures that everyone has a voice at the table.


Amy is advocate for the entire community. I have seen Amy in action. She is thoughtful and proactive.


I will share a little secret that few know. Before I vote in our town's elections, I call or email Amy. Oddly enough, I don't consult family members or neighbors. Just Amy. She presents a fair and balanced view of the issues and then I can make an informed decision. I swear she knows every line item of our school's budget.


Please join me in voting for Amy Ritterbusch on May 15!



Patricia Hunt Sinacole

4 Edgehill Road

May 4, 2017

Family Stuff

The Project Just Because Hopkinton Food Pantry depends on this food to help stock our shelves for the summer months.

Non-perishables just need to be put in a bag by the mailbox and the letter carriers will pick them up on May 13

All food will come to the Project Just Because Hopkinton Food Pantry to support Hopkinton children and families.


If you miss your mail carrier, food items can be dropped off at PJB,

86 South St., from 12:00-4:00 on May 13th.


Audio of 911 call for Senior Assassin:
Pond St_audio.m4a will be our last mention of the incident.

Support for Coutinho


I am supporting John Coutinho for the open position on the Hopkinton Board of Selectman. John and I have known each other since 1999 when he first moved to town. Our daughters have grown up together in Hopkinton and are currently high schoolers and college students.

I feel that John has done an exceptional job in his first 3 years on the Board of Selectman and that this town will benefit greatly from 3 more years of John’s service. In my interaction with town government officials, John is one of the most interactive with Hopkinton residents. He is a people person and is always willing to listen to friends and neighbors about their concerns.

As a Selectman, John is currently Board Liaison to the Police Department, Fire Department, Board of Health, and Board of Appeals. Before he was a Selectman, John was a member of the Planning Board for many years, where he helped preserve open space, expand the trail and sidewalk networks, and helped with the Downtown Revitalization.

In addition to serving on two of the Town’s major boards, John has also served on many committees. He is currently a member of the Zoning Advisory Committee and has been for almost 10 years. He is also a member of the Upper Charles Trail Committee and the Marathon Fund Committee. With all this experience, John Coutinho is the right man for Board of Selectman, so please join me in voting for him at the election on Monday, May 15.


Dave Paul

7 Meadowland Drive

May 4, 2017


Support for Haidri



I write endorsing our neighbor, Amman Haidri, for Selectman.  I’ve known Amman as a Husband, a Father, a Brother, a Son, a neighbor and friend, and while there may be his equal, there’s none better in this town.  He and his family moved into our neighborhood in 2009 and have settled in like traditional, old-time New Englanders, just as I remember from my childhood.  We’ve shared meals at our homes, aided each other, and Amman has been there, providing unrequested aid when I was excavating a 6’ high, 25’ deep snow bank to enable access to Spring Lane’s sole hydrant, and on a pre-arranged schedule to aid in extracting my car from the garage.  Most recently he called to ask if I would be so kind as to give our copy of their key to his youngest daughter, who’d forgotten hers.  It doesn’t get any more ‘Old New Englanders’ than shared keys. 


I ask for your vote for Amman Haidri, a community builder.



Edwin E Harrow

  • 8 Spring Lane

  • May 4, 2017

 From the Radical Middle
           Helicopter, Super Soakers, Tasers, Drawn Service Weapons, Senior Assassins, and Imagination

by Robert Falcione*

May 3, 2017 -- Well, Hopkinton kids got cited with attending the third best schools in the state, according to U.S. News & World Report, just a few days ago. But not all news is good news for everyone all of the time.

        Regular readers may recall that about three weeks ago, Hopkinton Police and Fire, while being dispatched to an allegedly illegal open fire set by some youths on an island, were overheard by a State Police Airwing helicopter, who offered to self-deploy to the scene of the infinitesimal conflagration, which it did. That's where the "Helicopter" in the headline comes in, and  leads to the "Imagination" part, because except for a witness at the scene who saw the helicopter hovering over the conflagrated island, that's where the actual information ends, and the imagination begins.

       Imagine, youngsters sneak over to Marco's Island with some hot dogs and lighter fluid, but unbeknownst to them, a grownup has spotted the flash of a lighter and phoned police. First, some explanation of the island's name may be in order. It is neither a typo, nor a new form of the possessive for Marco Island, that island in the Gulf of Mexico belonging to Florida. Actually, upon hearing about the complaint, an individual stated to another in the group of adults I was with, that there was no island in that area of Lake Maspenock.

        "Marco's Island," stated another, bringing the group to laughter, because everyone got the pun instantly.

          Around a quarter century ago, lake resident Mark "Marco" Dendunnen acquired a large excavating machine and began gathering the dangerous shallow rocks off of Woody Island into a pile. That pile is clearly visible when the lake is drawn down. Judging from the spontaneous belly laughter, this was the first time most of us heard it described that way. Back to "Imagination."

         So, here are some youths sparking a fire and being surreptitiously observed by a grownup when, right out of the movie Apocalypse Now, a sleek I-wish-I-had-one-myself French and electric blue helicopter arises from the treetops in the dusk, flips its klieg light on and begins recording. Simultaneously, Hopkinton Police and Fire arrive on Woody Island, near the scene of the simmering hot dogs and the crackling fire. Leaving the "imagination" and skipping back to reality, the police spoke with the parents of the youngsters. Let's fast-rewind to a couple of days ago.

         There is a game the HHS seniors play this time of year called Senior Assassin, which involves squirting the targeted senior using a water "gun." (Okay, so far we've taken care of Helicopter, and some Imagination, Senior Assassin, and, in a few seconds, the Super Soaker.) As the team of assassins approached their victim's location, something seemed awry (They were unknowingly at the wrong address). One individual hid in the garage, Super Soaker at the ready. But he was spotted by the resident woman who was frightened by the Super Soaker, which looks like a toddler's bath toy (Photo), and called police. Seeing this, the assassin sprang through an open window of the garage, and through an open window of the waiting vehicle 100 feet away, without touching the ground. Okay, that takes care of  the Soaker and a little more of the "imagination" part.

            Several cruisers converged on the fleeing vehicle, conducted a felony stop, and drew their weapons, remembering that the woman said the weapon, the gun, the Super Soaker, was indeed black.

           It may be good to note that the Selectmen will soon be considering arming the police with Tasers, which in most cases, is a less than lethal weapon, one which the current seniors will not likely see used before they graduate. But they could come in handy next year if a similar event occurs.

           The school sent a letter home to parents regarding the event, which covers most of the topics in the headline of this piece, except for Tasers and Helicopters, and in which everyone denies sanctioning the game.

            Let's hope the same for next year.


P.S. The column above is intended to be funny and contain a punchline.

* Thanks to Michael Karlis for contributing to this story.

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Town Meeting Finishes Business in Two Days

By: Michael Karlis

Staff Writer

May 3, 2017 -- Town meeting got off to a slow start last night with residents debating and adding amendments to a handful of articles, including Article 44 (town meeting quorum), the sale of alcohol at town facilities, waste and debris in people's yards, and an attempt by selectman Todd Cestari (At mic , above)to make constable an appointed position.

Article 44, purposed by Pamela Waxlax, a member of the appropriations committee, proposed that town meeting require 75 registered voters for any discussion to take place. The current law requires 100 registered voters to be present for discussing fiscal matters and 1 registered voter for civic matters.


Article 44 received criticism from residents who believed that lowering the quorum to 75 for all matters was not beneficial to a town that was experiencing unprecedented growth.


I appreciate the citizens petition to make a quorum for non financial articles,” said selectman Todd Cestari. “That being said, I don't feel comfortable lowering the bar to 75 for financial articles; there should be a standard, but we shouldn't go backwards,” Cestari said.


Resident Darlene Hayes proposed an amendment, which passed, that would require 1% of all registered voters to attend town meeting in order for a quorum, which roughly equates to 115 residents being present, less than the number who attended both town meetings this week.


Article 45, which authorized alcohol to be served at 3 events per year at public buildings such as the new library, town hall, and the senior center, wasn't enough for some residents.


"I organize non profit events, and if we limit only 3 events a year then non profits who don't get one of those slots will go to another town," said Hayes.


An amendment proposing an unlimited number of events at public buildings for non profits passed with little resistance.


Planning Board member Cliff Kistner (left) proposed limiting the licensing to only beer and wine for non profit organizations. Residents opposed this measure saying that beer and wine would be a disservice to those who prefer hard liquor.


"Some citizens give up beer for lent," said selectman John Coutinho. "We should not limit to only beer and wine, some people don't like beer and wine."


Another resident said, "What about bloody Mary's and mimosas?" The amendment, limiting alcohol to only beer and wine failed.

Selectman Brian Herr tried to clear up some misunderstandings in regards to the this article.


"This article gives the town the opportunity to celebrate the opening of new facilities such as the library,” said Herr. “I'm glad to see the town has expanded upon that."


Some residents were not as proud of the article as Herr and said that the Board of Selectmen should be ashamed of themselves for allowing public buildings to serve alcoholic beverages.


Increased fines for inhumane conditions at kennels passed, although one resident claimed that these fines were a witch hunt in response to the legal troubles facing Greyhound Friends. Others supported the measure, such as Chairman of the Baypath Humane Society, Susan Rossnick.


"This article shows strong support for animal rights," Rossnick said.


Rossnick also said at town meeting that Bay Path would submit a proposal for the land in parcel 8 at the Fruit Street complex. The article that proposed allocating this land to a humane society of the selectmen's choice passed.


Article 47, labeled Construction Waste or Debris Bylaw, received strong support from a Blueberry Lane resident, who said her house backs up to a man who has been collecting junk for 20 years.


Something has to be done,” said the resident.  "He says he's building something but nothing has been built and stuff keeps showing up; it's a junkyard."


Resident Mike Shepard countered her argument my reminiscing of his younger days and how neighbors used to work things out without calling the Department of Public Works or the Police.


Hopkinton is a rural town and people have a right to do what they want with their land,” Shepard said.


The Blueberry Lane resident disagreed.


I feel like I'm living in a war zone,” said the resident. “I've tried to communicate with this neighbor and he's not very nice. He has sworn at me numerous times. I can't live, and let my kids play in my yard, while I'm looking at a junk yard.”


This article passed with the full support of the Board of Selectmen.


Lastly, Constables will continue to be an elected position in spite of Selectman Todd Cestari's pitching for the position to become an appointed position.


We have had numerous election cycles in which no one runs for this position, it would just make it easier if we appointed a person for this position.”


Darlene Hayes disagreed saying that she enjoys having the opportunity to vote for an elected official.


Town meeting adjourned for this year and will reconvene next May in 2018.


Police Incidents - Updated 5/2/2017
Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton & Surrounding Towns

New Transactions from April 24, 2017 - May 2, 2017
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
41 Chestnut Street Concord River Properties LLC $275,000 May 1, 2017 Jason M. Long, Kimberly Lewis
8 Sweetwater Way unit 272 Ravi Surendranathan Menon,
Jisha Venugopalan Komalalayam
$509,425 May 1, 2017 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
59 Pinecrest Village Cristina Stan, Noor A. Khudairi $235,900 April 28, 2017 Haining Wei
25 Chestnut Street Pearse O'Baoill, Megan Perkins O'Baoill $515,000 April 28, 2017 Nancy A. Aitken
14 Gibbon Road William Cook, Stacy Cook $690,000 April 28, 2017 William J. Koetteritz, Congetta A. Koetteritz
1 Frostpane Lane unit 52 Thomas J. McDermott, Seija E. McDermott, 1 Frostpane Realty Trust $519,995 April 28, 2017 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
5 Penny Meadow Lane Scott M. Cellupica, Laura C. Cellupica $900,000 April 27, 2017 Ravenwood LLC
141 Hayden Rowe Street Marcelo Menezes $271,999 April 26, 2017 Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.
10 Spicebush Court unit 134 Suman Kumar Kondreddy, Jyothi Suddapalli $625,000 April 24, 2017 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
5 Forest Lane unit 3 John J. Lafkas, Sara M. Lafkas $389,900 April 24, 2017 Catherine H. Toomey, Hopbrook Realty Trust
9 Sweetwater Way unit unit 248 Usha Rani Ramineni, Ramachandra Rao Vallurupalli $530,685 April 24, 2017 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
202 Pond Street KWC Real Estate LLC $675,000 May 2, 2017 H B Properties LLC
19 Coburn Drive Ameya Shendye, Ketki Vazalwar $610,000 May 2, 2017 Marc D. Hopmayer
22 John Hancock Drive unit 80D Ozgur Coar, Ozlem Senol-Cosar $442,525 May 1, 2017 Freedom Village at the Villages of the Americas
91 Hilldale Road David Ozog $299,900 May 1, 2017 Marilyn Grace Bunker, Hilldale Realty Trust
355 Captain Circle unit A Cindy A. Winer $345,000 April 28, 2017 Richard J. Hoffman, Kari S. Hoffman
141 East Union Street Mark E. Pelletier, Deborah I. Pelletier $590,000 April 26, 2017 Laurence Casillo, Natasha Casillo
455 America Boulevard unit A Ashraf Wasilidas, Viviane Shanad $189,100 April 26, 2017 Louisiana Purchase Realty LLC
101 America Boulevard unit C Ravi Jayapura Sadashiva Sherry, Sahana Derebail Alva $380,000 April 26, 2017 Stephanie L. Silverman
53 Brimstone Way Jesse C. Felix $375,000 April 25, 2017 Angelo P. Catanzaro, Elizabeth A. Catanzaro
121 Carriage Hill Circle John Y. Kim, Diane M. Kim,
Carriage Hill Circle 121 Nominee Trust
$640,000 May 1, 2017 Kathleen Hart, Paul Hart
10A Fitzgerald Lane Southborough Affordable Housing Trust $198,400 May 1, 2017 Austin P. Beliveau, Christine M. Beliveau
81 Mt Vickery Road Xuemei He, Beiyang Ma $705,000 April 28, 2017 Kathleen M. Curtis
230 Parkerville Road Sarah A. Solomon, Ari B. Solomon $395,000 April 28, 2017 Andrea J. Gardner
23 Constitution Drive John M. Ziomek, Jennifer C. Ziomek $763,000 April 27, 2017 Anton B. Dodek, Rosemary C. Dodek
1 Dogwood Drive Jacqueline Orfalea, David T. Orfalea $546,615 April 28, 2017 Crosswinds Properties LLC
10 Warren Avenue Jonathan M. Rose $350,000 April 27, 2017 Daniel J. Rose, Donna M. Rose
2 Blueberry Lane Martin M. Osorio, Paola W. Osorio $526,587 April 26, 2017 Crosswinds Properties LLC
Depot Street Luis Nolasco, Gerani Matos $479,900 April 26, 2017 Maple Ridge Realty Inc.
154 Main Street Route 85 Realty Corp. $119,429 April 26, 2017 HSBC Bank USA
11 Goss Pond Road Byron B. Lamotte, Melissa L. Lamotte $652,000 April 26, 2017 Steven A. Kahn, Martha J. Kahn
17 Fieldstone Drive Susanne R. Farber $288,000 April 25, 2017 Byron B. Lamotte, Melissa L. Lamotte

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Whooo's There?

May 2, 2017 -- Dr. Bruce Karlin shares this photo of a barred owl, which, under certain circumstances, can be totally camouflaged by blending into its surroundings.

Milford Regional Honors Volunteers at Annual Luncheon

MILFORD – Milford Regional Medical Center recently honored the more than 500 volunteers who contribute their time and talents to support the patients and staff with a celebratory luncheon at the Hopedale Community House.


The annual luncheon is an opportunity for department managers and administrative staff to show their appreciation and thank the volunteers for their service. Milford Regional has a total of 511 volunteers who contributed 36,347 hours of support to patients and staff in more than 40 different roles during 2016.


“We are fortunate to have such caring and skilled people volunteer at Milford Regional,” says Elaine Willey, Director of Volunteer Services. “Volunteers positively impact patients from newborns to end of life, and provide support to staff throughout the Medical Center.”


Our volunteers from Hopkinton are: Lynn Bono, Bob Cole, Debby Cole, Renee Dean, Donna Dobay, Mark Haggerty, Debbie Hall, Bob Hebden, Phil Kuehne, Doug Kulig, Maureen Moresi, Mary Prescott, Eileen Ryan, Erin Ulrich,

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Demonstrators Who Blocked Roads Arrested at Pipeline Project; Interactions Were Peaceful


Massachusetts State Police arrested 18 demonstrators for trespassing at two separate locations at the Sandisfield Pipeline Extension project this morning. The arrested persons were in two groups of nine, with each group blocking a different access road to obstruct members of the project team conducting tree cutting operations. The blocked locations were approximately one-half mile apart.


The demonstrators were all peaceful and respectful. After refusing requests to move from the roads, they were arrested and charged with trespassing. They will be brought to the Berkshire County House of Correction for processing and eventually arraigned in the Great Barrington District Court.


If their arrests are not processed in time for arraignment today, we expect that they will be bailed from the House of Correction and ordered to appear in court in the near future for arraignment.


We do not have the names of those arrested yet.


Town Meeting, +/- 160 Members, Finishes Over Half of Articles



By: Michael Karlis

Staff Writer

May 2, 2017 --  Traffic calming on Hayden Rowe, sidewalks on Chestnut Street, bathrooms at the Fruit Street Field Complex, the definition of restaurants, and the proposed moratorium on marijuana establishments all garnered heated debate among town residents last night.


The traffic calming on Hayden Rowe (Article 24) received backlash from residents worried about their property being cut down in order to expand roads and parents worried about cars queuing in front of the middle school, high school, and soon to be Marathon Elementary school.


The proposed design included a stop light at the intersection of Chestnut Street and Hayden Rowe and right and left turn lanes on Chestnut at the intersection. The plan also included a sidewalk expansion that would extend down Hayden Rowe to the intersection with Chestnut Street.


This design will probably take land from my lawn,” said Hayden Rowe resident Nancy Haines. “I’m wondering why I wasn't notified of this and why no public hearing was held?”


The head of the Department of Public Works (DPW) John Westerling, insisted that the plan did not intrude into Haines’ yard and that the plan was using the road already in place.


Haines was hesitant to accept Westerling's response.


So you're telling me you would expand Chestnut Hill and Hayden Rowe without taking land from my yard? I don't think that's possible,” Haines said, who voted against Article 24.


Parents who drive their kids to the high school and middle school in the morning expressed concerns in regards to the already unmanageable traffic in the morning. This plan also omitted any traffic control for the middle school at the intersections of Grove Street and Pleasant Street.

Article 24 passed with a ⅔ majority of 152 to 20 with an estimated cost of $1,050,000.


Article 25, a citizens petition, also requested a sidewalk extension down Chestnut Street to connect residents on Chestnut Street and Springwood to a network of sidewalks.


There was another accident that people have not acknowledged tonight,” said a resident of Chestnut Street. “There was a little boy who was struck by a car walking home from school last January,” the resident said. “We need to do something about it before someone else gets hurt. A sidewalk would be much appreciated by the residents of Chestnut Street and Springwood.”


The town cited a lack of planning by the residents and lack of funds by the town and did not endorse their petition. The town did say that they wanted to work with the petitioners and help present a proposal for the next town meeting in May of 2018.


I can report that I did speak directly with the petitioners; we will get together with them and walk them through the process to present an article to a town meeting,” said Selectman Norman Khumalo. “As part of that discussion we will also talk about how to involve other town boards in their proposal,” Khumalo said.


The resident who presented the petition said that they were simply trying to raise awareness and will propose a final plan in 2018.


Planning Board member Frank D'Urso was a vocal opponent of Article 31, clause h, which requested an additional $500,000 of funds for the Fruit Street bathroom and concessions facility. The money requested would have supplemented the $400,000 already requested for the project the previous year.


The measure passed with a ⅔ majority despite criticism from D’Urso.


This is $900,000 for a bathroom, I’ve seen other projects and none of them have ever cost this much,” D’Urso said.


The allocating of these additional funds had supporters, such as Parks and Recreation Commissioner Dan Terry.


When we rent (The Fruit Street Complex) to outside organizations, there is an expectation that we have bathrooms and other facilities,” Terry said.


Another resident said that this building would provide shelter from the sun on hot days and during afternoon thunderstorms, as well as food for spectating parents.


Selectman Chair Brian Herr also supported this article, saying that when he brings his kids to other sports complexes, it is a standard that they have bathrooms and other facilities.


Planning Board Chairman Ken Weismantel [Photo, left], who originally opposed the plan, voted in favor of the measure.


Article 33, which discussed the definition of Restaurant, passed. There were concerns that this article would lead to fast food chains would moving into town. Weismantel disputed these claims.


Do not be fooled by what you have seen online and on Facebook,” Weismantel said. “ This article does not make it easier for a McDonalds to come into town.”


Residents, including Muriel Kramer, who is running against Weismantel for a planning board position with two other candidates, said that she was concerned about a dedicated industrial area that would not require restaurants to close at a certain time, creating the opportunity for 24 hour restaurants to come to Hopkinton.


There were also claims made by residents that this article would lead to the reopening of debate about building a freestanding Dunkin Donuts on West Main Street.


Article 38, which proposed a Moratorium on Marijuana Establishments from opening in Hopkinton, received backlash from members of the community, but passed nonetheless.


This can create good jobs for the community,” said one resident. “I think with all these surrounding towns passing similar pieces of legislation, we have an opportunity to be proactive and attract this new business in ways that benefit our town, so we aren't playing catch up later,” said the resident.


Resident Kevin Shea [Photo, right], known for his quick wit, said he had studied the subject in college, bringing a room full of laughter.


Director of Youth and Family Services for the Town of Hopkinton, Dr. Denise Hildreth, made a heartfelt plea in favor passing the moratorium.


We are the folks on the frontlines of what this means for our youth,” Hildreth said. “All of my clients who are heroin addicted, or folks who have had issues with a number of other types of drugs, will tell you that it started with smoking marijuana.”


Town Meeting adjourned until Tuesday, May 2, at 7pm.

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